Descriptive Marketing

Drive SlowA friend of mine is a writer/editor for a company that publishes reference books and research materials. Despite my upmost respect for her as a writer, we often get into debates about grammar and whether or not commonly used phrases are proper English. She favors what you would call a descriptive philosophy of the English language. In her words:

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Social Media: A Waste of Your Time?

ClockWho was the first person you spoke to IRL (in real life) this morning? What did you talk about? Now, can you remember the first thing you read when you logged into Facebook?

If you’re like me, you have spent WAY too much time on countless social media sites over the past 2-3 years, obsessing over what your profile looked like, what your “friends” were up to, stalking pictures, and reading the never ending fire-hose of information from social news sites. Continue reading “Social Media: A Waste of Your Time?”

You Don’t Know Jack About Branding

Branding LogosPaul Rand. Does that name ring a bell? How about Saul Bass, Henry Steiner, or Lindon Leader? If you googled it, you already failed.

Today there is a lot of talk about branding. As more people are realizing that you need to put some real marketing behind your business, they look to “branding” as a silver bullet to polish off their efforts. While branding is not the end all be all play to a marketing strategy, it is the cornerstone, and it is important.

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Are You Penny Wise And Pound Foolish?

Penny Wise Pound Foolish

Penny Wise Pound FoolishIn today’s competitive landscape of internet marketing, we are surrounded by incredible talent in every arena. SEO’s, copywriters, PPC professionals, affiliate marketers, and social media marketers are sprouting up everywhere; and they’re getting better at honing their craft.

While your average SEO might be able to rank for terms related to your business, does he/she understand what happens next? This was brought to my attention recently over dinner with a client prospect, who was expecting that all I would do is get them to rank for terms, and then send in the invoices. While this would make my job unquantifiably easier, it wouldn’t make me a very effective marketer.

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Only Some Marketers Are Liars

Only some marketers are liarsI’d like to clarify a few myth’s that I think have been widely spread. In the land of online marketing there are many techniques and tactics used to improve the performance of a website, drive traffic, and grow an online business. In the scheme of marketing as a whole, online marketing is relatively new and it’s practices still evolving.

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You Don’t Want To Choose

Red Pill or Blue PillLet’s face it: you don’t like to make decisions. It’s ok, I don’t either. The problem is everyone in the world thinks we do! We are constantly bombarded with choices, options, and decisions to make about everything we do and everything we buy, but are these choices what we really want or need?

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Quality Isn’t an Angle

Simple question:

What separates you from your competition?

If you answered “quality” or some variation thereof, YOU FAIL. In today’s market, where there are more options than ever, everyone expects and demands quality from everyone they do business with. Quality isn’t an edge, it isn’t your selling point, it’s simply the right way to act and not lose business.

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