Today I read an article by search authority Danny Sullivan regarding, among other things, all of the recent buzz about Google spidering CSS files on webpages. Now, while there seems to be some validity to the issue concerning using css to cloak and hide duplicate content, I don’t see what the big deal is! At the SES conference in Chicago this past December, a number of search experts specifically addressed the issue of duplicate content and quite blatently said not to worry about it. So, why not just chill out? Furthermore, using css will only enable you to alter appearance or layout of content, NOT make it magically dissappear! So all the wannabe spammers are still gonna have to address the fact that Google will see their illegitimate tactics. So for the rest of us, lets all settle down. It’s not like it’s difficult to write valid css! -kenny

Dear IRS,

I would like to cancel my subscription. Please remove my name from your mailing address. -kenny


This morning as I commenced my usual news reading and coffee sipping, I saw a headline on CNET in my rss site: “Here comes the terabyte hard drive.” I thought to myself, wow, another bookmark in the history of technology. I still remember the bookmark at a gigabyte. I look back to that time, when I began my life as a techy and don’t feel so much like a novice anymore. Now we begin the anticipation of the petabyte hard drive! -kenny

SES Chicago

Well, I’m back from the search engine strategies conference in Chicago. I attended what was a four day conference and trade show. The information I learned was certainly not priceless! With the basic to mid-level training in SEO under my belt, I estimate my worth to have gone up about 15-20k per year on a salary basis. Nice for me 🙂 The conference was a great opportunity for learning the official ‘white hat’ techniques for gaining organic listings in the major search engines, and strategies for development of search marketing in the areas of ppc, link building, and site optimization. I see search marketing to be a very niche, and very lucrative aspect of web development and design. I am excited to dive in full throttle as a search marketer, and even more excited to be able to add search marketing to my resume of services offered to clients. I was able to make some new contacts, from having attended the conference.. One of which was speaker Jim McFayden of Critical Mass. He spoke at the Flash & SEO session as well as the session regarding Ajax, css, and Web 2.0 & SEO session. He caught my attention as one of the few speakers who stood out as a technically inclined search marketer. This of course makes perfect sense seeing as he is a programmer / web developer himself. I was able to meet up with him later one evening for a couple of drinks where we had a great conversation regarding both of our positions as web developers both at a salary job, and on the side. His insight was much appreciated on my part as I was able to glean valuable knowledge from a seasoned search marketer and programmer. I hope the favor was returned as I was able to give a bit of insight to him as well on topics that he was maybe not so up to date. I was also very glad to be able to catch up with my colleague/partner in web development & SEO, Justin Walton of Position Technologies. I guess, catch up is not so much the term seeing as we speak on a daily basis.. But in person was a nice change from the ever so familiar instant message conversations that we carry on from one day to the next. We are both looking forward to some recent developments in our opportunities as partners in web-design and SEO. This conference was only a boost for the both of us. In summary, I was very glad to have had the opportunity to attend Search Engine Strategies Chicago ’06, and many thanks to Barry Langberg of Global Power Supply for having sent me as an in-house representative for GPS. Certainly Global will benefit from my learning as I am the sole web developer for the company. I look forward to the next conference! -kenny

New Blog!

Well, This is the start of my new blog site… So I’m exicited about it, the new layout, new subdomain, a fresh start.. The only bummer is, I can’t find any way to export the posts from my old blog so that you can find them here.. Pretty big bummer.. But I guess it’s better to start over sooner than later.. So what I’m going to do, is just post some of my favorites from the old blog up on here.. Oh Well! -kenny