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by Kenny Hyder

ToolsBeing a search con­sul­tant I have to know a lot of things about web­si­tes. Anyone with a basic unders­tan­ding of SEO gets that there are a lot of fac­tors that con­tri­bute to a site’s per­for­mance, not only in search but it’s com­plete per­for­mance: from it’s ran­king and traf­fic rates to con­ver­sion and retention.

Like any other pro­fes­sion it’s impor­tant that a good search con­sul­tant have, and more impor­tantly, know how to use the right tools. More →

mistakeNext week I’ll be atten­ding and spea­king at Affi­liate Sum­mit. Once again I will be a pane­list for the SEO Cli­nic along­side Rae Hoffman-Dolan, Michael Gray.

SEO cli­nics are always one of my favo­rite panels to speak on. Not just because I don’t have to write a power­point pre­sen­ta­tion, but because site cli­nics are a great way for site owners to get spe­ci­fic help with their current pro­blems. More →


The way infor­ma­tion is broad­cast deter­mi­nes how peo­ple listen.

Throughout his­tory, the big­gest tech­no­lo­gi­cal advan­ce­ments have all been ways to com­mu­ni­cate more infor­ma­tion to more peo­ple. Star­ting with the prin­ting press, the tele­graph, the telephone, tele­vi­sion and the inter­net were all giant leaps in our abi­lity to com­mu­ni­cate more effectively.

The world is a vir­tual infor­ma­tion fast food joint. And today, the ways to broad­cast infor­ma­tion out­num­ber the stars. It’s impor­tant to know what your cus­to­mers are lis­te­ning to and how they are tuning in to hear. More →

Creative Branding — The Process to Making Your Mark

Have you ever writ­ten and per­for­med a song? I haven’t. I ima­gine it’s one of those subli­mely trans­cen­dent expe­rien­ces of brin­ging something truly enjo­ya­ble into being. I say “enjo­ya­ble,” but I know that any song that I write will pro­bably be awful. I can barely clap along in time with music, let alone write a song […]

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Take Your Eggs Out of the Basket

The inter­net today is like an active vol­cano: highly vola­tile and cons­tantly chan­ging the lands­cape. It’s impos­si­ble to know when something new will erupt and become the new giant to out-shadow all others. Because of this, now every time there’s a new erup­tion, mar­ke­ters flood in to stake their claim at the top. But where […]

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Practical Domaining

For me, the busi­ness of “domai­ning” has always had appeal and allure. Maybe it’s because of all the sto­ries I’ve heard about millio­nai­res making their money domai­ning, or because it seems like I’ve heard all of the smar­test peo­ple online talk about it at one time or another. Yet infor­ma­tion on “domai­ning” seems to be […]

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Good Customer Service On Yelp

In today’s mar­ket eco­nomy, no busi­ness owner can afford to lose a cus­to­mer. Cus­to­mer reten­tion should be the first prio­rity of any busi­ness. And with the expan­ding num­ber of ways that busi­nes­ses are able to get in con­tact with their cus­to­mers, cus­to­mer ser­vice should be off the charts.

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Everything Has Changed Except For Our Way Of Thinking

Did you hear about the new Goo­gle update? Which one? Exactly. Any sea­so­ned SEO has his/her cata­lo­gue of sto­ries about how algo upda­tes have affec­ted ran­kings over the years for bet­ter and for worse. The lon­ger you have been in the SEO game, the more sto­ries you are bound to have about search engine algo­rithms changing […]

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Every Website Tells A Story

Yes­ter­day I announ­ced the launch and rede­sign of this web­site.  Rede­signs are fun, exci­ting, and moti­va­tio­nal. I star­ted thin­king about new topics to write on, old drafts I have saved up, I even got a few inqui­ries from poten­tial clients. But as I was res­pon­ding to feed­back on twit­ter during the day, an inte­res­ting retweet […]

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