Comments Are Like Frequent Player Points


by Kenny Hyder

Blog Comments & Poker Chips - That's all I'm afterUnless you play poker, and poker online, you pro­bably have no idea what I’m tal­king about. Let me explain. If you play poker online for real money, and you win, along with win­ning money, you accu­mu­late what are called “Fre­quent Pla­yer Points” or FPP’s. The term Fre­quent Pla­yer Points is uni­que to the poker site but the same con­cept applies to all poker sites whe­re­ver you play. -> The more you win the more FPP’s you earn. And when you lose, well you just don’t earn anything, and you usually get pis­sed off.

Not Easy to Come By

So how are they alike? First of all, FPP’s aren’t all that easy to come by. Just to give you an idea: win­ning a $10 buy in, 180 per­son sit-n-go tour­na­ment wins you a cash prize of $594, but you’re only awar­ded 5 FPP’s. While a $10 buy in isn’t exactly high limit, it still takes some skill to play in a tour­ney thats 180 peo­ple deep, and you cer­tainly aren’t going to win on luck. Also, even with a sit-n-go, which tends to move pretty fast, it’s still going to take 2 or 3 hours to win the thing. Even just to break even you have to place in the top 18, which still requi­res a fair amount of skill and time. For­tu­na­tely at a $10 buy in, the $594 first prize makes it worth pla­ying, but you cer­tainly aren’t pla­ying for the FPP’s.

Much like blog­ging and com­ments. Anyone who has a blog knows that get­ting lots of com­ments isn’t something that comes easily. And you cer­tainly aren’t going to “win” com­ments on luck. Com­ments are something that come by buil­ding your skills, unders­tan­ding how to write com­pe­lling and rele­vant con­tent, and with lots of practice.

They Only Retain Value When You Have Lots

Well here’s the thing, FPP’s don’t really mean all that much. Well, not at first any­way.. They have some mone­tary value but its very small. In fact here is a break­down of the mone­tary value that they assign to FPP’s. On the low end it works out to about $1 for every 100 FPP’s you accu­mu­late, and the exchange rate gets bet­ter the more you have. Someone like me, who only has in the ball­park of 1,500 FPP’s can’t do much with them. I’ve used some to buy into other tour­na­ments, but mostly they just sit there until I can start accu­mu­la­ting a sig­ni­fi­cant amount. (Read: TURN PRO) Howe­ver, if you’re a baller like my friend Bobby, you can actually start doing something with your FPP’s. Bobby has somewhere close to a million FPP’s, if not over a million at this point, which means not only could he trade them in for some serious cash, but it makes him one of the top ran­ked pla­yers online. As you can ima­gine, being one of the top ran­ked pla­yers online does great things for your repu­ta­tion and your career as a poker player.

Again, simi­lar to blog­ging and blog com­ments. Com­ments on a blog are a dime a dozen when when you have very few. Anyone can start a blog and get a few com­ments here and there.. No one thinks anything of it. But as you start to build out your con­tent and rea­dership, peo­ple start to leave more and more com­ments. And much like FPP’s, when you have a cra­pload of com­ments — it means something, and in a way they’re a form of currency. Lot’s of com­ments usually deno­tes good & autho­ri­ta­tive con­tent, which inc­rea­ses repu­ta­tion — etc etc.

So How do You Get More?

Well, stic­king to the ana­logy, when you play poker, you play to win. Cash. And the FPP’s just come natu­rally. The same with blog­ging, you don’t write a blog post to get com­ments. Blog­gers blog for all sorts of rea­sons, get­ting com­ments isn’t one of them. It’s not why you do it, but how you do it that will bring more comments/readership/links/etc.

Now I just need to make sure this post gets a few com­ments right?


Roy Morejon May 21, 2009 at 8:32 am

Good post Kenny, I need some FPP’s too! – too bad I only play on Full Tilt.

Skitzzo May 21, 2009 at 11:05 am

I think your 2nd to last sentence has some HUGE implications and is one that a lot of people overlook.

Blog posts that are written to contribute something are the ones that garner comments or attract links. When you’re blogging to try and get something out of it (whether comments, links, or anything else) it usually comes across in your writing and turns off your target audience.

Solid post Kenny! Oh, and we should definitely make sure we play some cards together at PubCon if not before.

Tim Staines May 21, 2009 at 2:01 pm

Here’s another analogy that fits in there somewhere: Getting lots of comments takes spending a lot of time on blog posts. You generally can’t just be good at blogging and get lots of comments if you don’t post very often. In the same way, you can’t just be good at poker to get FPP’s. You actually have to be good AND play a lot of poker . . . professional blogging and professional poker play both require sweat equity.

admin May 21, 2009 at 2:13 pm

@Skitzzo Definitely want to make sure we play some cards!

@Tim Yeah, you’re right, that’s probably why I only get a few comments.. Plus I’m better at poker than I am at blogging anyway, I shoulda just played poker last night instead of writing this!

Matt Siltala May 21, 2009 at 2:16 pm

Funny, I read this and you “got me” I just couldn’t leave without commenting. haha It’s not just by chance that the posts of mine that get the most comments are the ones that I have spent more time on, thought out, and really tried my best to provide something useful that people could take and improve their business. Even if they don’t agree with me – I got them thinking enough to tell me they don’t agree with me (getting me another comment etc) Great post Kenny!

Eric Lander May 21, 2009 at 3:08 pm

Last night on Twitter, I said: “Comments on my post from new folks like @dsutoyo and @WyrdestGeek are wonderful. Comments are what inspire me to blog. Once a month.”

Illustrates my problems both with blogging and online poker. Commitment to either is what brings success. Awesome post. I’d give you my Full Tilt Poker Points if you played there… But I’m a greedy SOB who’s fought hard to earn ‘em.

Mommy Blogger July 15, 2009 at 11:15 am

Mommy Blogger is blogging as a mommy talking about poker???? Whatever, frequent player points are like a mommy blogger going to the bank and scoring with the teller… I’d take the comments ;-)

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