Above the Static – Communicating with Emergent Mobile Tech


The way information is broadcast determines how people listen.

Throughout history, the biggest technological advancements have all been ways to communicate more information to more people. Starting with the printing press, the telegraph, the telephone, television and the internet were all giant leaps in our ability to communicate more effectively.

The world is a virtual information fast food joint. And today, the ways to broadcast information outnumber the stars. It’s important to know what your customers are listening to and how they are tuning in to hear. Continue reading “Above the Static – Communicating with Emergent Mobile Tech”

Creative Branding – The Process to Making Your Mark

Have you ever written and performed a song? I haven’t. I imagine it’s one of those sublimely transcendent experiences of bringing something truly enjoyable into being.

I say “enjoyable,” but I know that any song that I write will probably be awful. I can barely clap along in time with music, let alone write a song — a clever, popular song, no less.

Branding, much like songwriting, is more art than science. Ask most graphic designers — even ones just finishing school — and they’ll invariably say they “do branding.” But, just what does it take to “do” branding? Continue reading “Creative Branding – The Process to Making Your Mark”

Take Your Eggs Out of the Basket

Egg Basket

Egg BasketThe internet today is like an active volcano: highly volatile and constantly changing the landscape. It’s impossible to know when something new will erupt and become the new giant to out-shadow all others.

Because of this, now every time there’s a new eruption, marketers flood in to stake their claim at the top. But where does your site fit in? Do you struggle to keep up with every new outlet? Or are you focused on what you know to be tried and true? Continue reading “Take Your Eggs Out of the Basket”

The 4 P’s in the Age of Google

The 4 P's

The 4 P'sBetween email spam, pop-up ad’s, and phishing attacks, it feels like the days of genuine marketing are long gone. On the internet, it seems as if marketers have taken an “anything goes” approach to getting their product in your face. These unfortunate by-products of our mass exodus to online immersion have given marketers a bad name. What many don’t realize is, the websites and brands online that you love and trust have simply mastered the basics of Marketing 101. Continue reading “The 4 P’s in the Age of Google”

Descriptive Marketing

Drive SlowA friend of mine is a writer/editor for a company that publishes reference books and research materials. Despite my upmost respect for her as a writer, we often get into debates about grammar and whether or not commonly used phrases are proper English. She favors what you would call a descriptive philosophy of the English language. In her words:

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You Don’t Know Jack About Branding

Branding LogosPaul Rand. Does that name ring a bell? How about Saul Bass, Henry Steiner, or Lindon Leader? If you googled it, you already failed.

Today there is a lot of talk about branding. As more people are realizing that you need to put some real marketing behind your business, they look to “branding” as a silver bullet to polish off their efforts. While branding is not the end all be all play to a marketing strategy, it is the cornerstone, and it is important.

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Only Some Marketers Are Liars

Only some marketers are liarsI’d like to clarify a few myth’s that I think have been widely spread. In the land of online marketing there are many techniques and tactics used to improve the performance of a website, drive traffic, and grow an online business. In the scheme of marketing as a whole, online marketing is relatively new and it’s practices still evolving.

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You Don’t Want To Choose

Red Pill or Blue PillLet’s face it: you don’t like to make decisions. It’s ok, I don’t either. The problem is everyone in the world thinks we do! We are constantly bombarded with choices, options, and decisions to make about everything we do and everything we buy, but are these choices what we really want or need?

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