Music Lovers Unite

Today, there is a movement going on in attempts to start a reversal of power in the music industry. We all have had our unhealthy inundation of distasteful music from the major record labels. Even despite our vast differences in music taste, we all have heard something on the radio that has been pushed through from the record labels, into our ears, without our approval. Well, it’s time to unite for a cause! A small group called “Bum Rush the Charts” has organized for 1 song, from a band that was rejected by 2 major labels, to get pushed into THEIR face today. The song is titled “Mine Again” by Black Lab. Now, whether or not you like the song, or the band, the idea is to download it from your itunes store (or a link if you are not an itunes user) TODAY, so that it gets pushed to the top of the attention list. This way WE can show the music labels, who decides what is worthy music, and what is not! MUSIC LOVERS UNITE!!!

View the “Bum Rush the Charts” site here

Happy Listening!

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