Only Some Marketers Are Liars


by Kenny Hyder

Only some marketers are liarsI’d like to cla­rify a few myth’s that I think have been widely spread. In the land of online mar­ke­ting there are many tech­ni­ques and tac­tics used to improve the per­for­mance of a web­site, drive traf­fic, and grow an online busi­ness. In the scheme of mar­ke­ting as a whole, online mar­ke­ting is rela­ti­vely new and it’s prac­ti­ces still evolving.

Howe­ver, this does not in any­way give vali­dity to the notion that any tac­tic used by a mar­ke­ter online isn’t “real” or directly mea­su­ra­ble in any way. I’ve heard a num­ber of times now, from peo­ple who have some idea that online mar­ke­ting is a sort of “soft mar­ke­ting” tech­ni­que, used to indi­rectly mar­ket brands and busi­nes­ses. All Search Engine Mar­ke­ters, Social Media Mar­ke­ters, and Online Brand Mana­ge­ment pro­fes­sio­nals pro­vide valua­ble ser­vi­ces with mea­su­ra­ble results. These are real mar­ke­ting tac­tics, that drive real and defi­na­ble results, not part of some soft mar­ke­ting campaign.

SEO is Not Soft Marketing

Sur­pri­singly, there seem to be a large num­ber of peo­ple out there who seem to think that SEO is some sort of soft mar­ke­ting tech­ni­que. I think this is due to the fact that there are now so many fly-by-night “SEO’s” making cold call phone calls to busi­ness owners trying to pitch SEO ser­vi­ces, and not explai­ning exactly what type of results they will deli­ver, or how they will get the work done.


SEO is cold, hard, and directly mea­su­ra­ble. Any SEO who is worth a grain of salt will mea­sure the results of the cam­paign he/she is wor­king on. Ran­kings equal traf­fic equal con­ver­sions equal cash. SEO equals ROI.

Social Media is Not Soft Marketing

It is a little more unders­tan­da­ble that peo­ple would think that social media mar­ke­ting falls into the realm of soft mar­ke­ting, but it doesn’t. Sure mar­ke­ting for social media may inc­rease your “brand awa­re­ness”, but SMM isn’t a big gues­sing game when it comes to results for busi­nes­ses and websites.


The guys who do it best will tell you, social media mar­ke­ting is a great way to drive traf­fic and links to your site. AND it isn’t just about set­ting up a twit­ter page that looks like your web­site. There are tons of other ways to mar­ket for social media that can drive large quan­ti­ties of rele­vant users to your website.

Brand Mana­ge­ment is Not Soft Marketing

Out of the three, by FAR brand mana­ge­ment is the one that gets ham­me­red the most as a soft mar­ke­ting scheme. I think this can mostly be bla­med on the fact that the majo­rity of peo­ple just don’t unders­tand what brand mana­ge­ment is. And when you have something that isn’t widely unders­tood, con­fu­sion spreads.


Plainly, brand mana­ge­ment is when you use various mar­ke­ting devi­ces to inc­rease the image of a brand. Michael Jor­dan, as we all know, was lar­gely spon­so­red by Nike which in turn hel­ped them create one of the stron­gest, most recog­ni­za­ble brands in the world. Little do most know, he actually pre­fe­rred Adi­das. This was STRONG brand mana­ge­ment move on Nike’s part. Not a “soft” attempt to “inc­rease brand awareness.”

I have been apart of seve­ral search cam­paigns where the goal was to push nega­tive results for a brand query off of the first page. If a query for your company’s pro­duct returns a lis­ting with an affi­liate site with a title tag of “DON’T BUY [PRODUCT NAME]”, as a way to entice clicks — you pro­bably want to get that off the first page.

Brand mana­ge­ment is an impor­tant part of many busi­nes­ses mar­ke­ting stra­tegy that invol­ves clear and defi­ned goals with mea­su­ra­ble results. Just like the saying “It pays to advertise.”

Don’t Be Fooled

All mar­ke­ting cam­paigns, online or offline, are crea­ted equal. Busi­nes­ses need to make money to make it, and it’s the job of the mar­ke­ter to help them get more busi­ness and make more money. Not all mar­ke­ting cam­paigns are suc­cess­ful, but they are all measurable.

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scott polk March 16, 2010 at 11:10 am

pants on fire

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pants on the ground scott….sheesh

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@kristy what are you talking about … LOL

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Mr Hyder .. sorry for Hijacking your comments here … well written article

Rick March 16, 2010 at 11:34 am

Mr. Hyder,
Often times the client does not understand the reach or parameters of a marketing plan, especially the smaller business owner that may very well be an expert in their own field but not much of an authority on different marketing techniques. It can be difficult for such an “expert” to admit to an outsider that their expertise does not extend into the SEO arena.

I have been associated with print advertising for many years and it never ceases to amaze me when I hear of “a client” paying for something and they don’t even know what they are getting. This happens far more often than it should, even to relatively successful businesses.

Keep on trying to inform and instruct!

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