Partnering Profits with Jeff Walker


by Kenny Hyder

Tonight was the first night of the Part­ne­ring Pro­fits telec­lass by Brian Clark. The first ses­sion fea­tu­red guest spea­ker Jeff Wal­ker of Pro­duct Launch Formula.

The Part­ne­ring Pro­fits trai­ning ses­sions are aimed to help you suc­ceed in deal­ma­king and part­nerships in the inc­rea­singly chao­tic eco­no­mic cli­mate for 2009. This desc­rip­tion to me is both intri­guing and vague, so to say the least, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Luc­kily, I was extre­mely plea­sed with the session.

While I won’t give you a through analy­sis of the 1st ses­sion, because: 1. you should have paid for it your­self & 2. because I didn’t take enough notes and haven’t got­ten the audio recor­ding yet ;) I will sum­ma­rize what I thought were some of the best and most use­ful points.

The follo­wing ideas are not mine, just sum­ma­ri­zed in my language :)

Basi­cally, there are experts everywhere. Experts on pain­ting, raw food, how to buy a used car, they are everywhere. And they know how to do everything. The pro­blem is, right now, they are sit­ting at home watching TV, and not being experts at the thing which they know how to do best. Why? Because they don’t have the plat­form to prac­tice their exper­tise from, or the plat­form isn’t big enough. They are experts at one thing, and that one thing does not always inc­lude how to build a plat­form for them­sel­ves and then stand on it and shout. 

So, if YOU are an expert at buil­ding a plat­form, and then shou­ting from said plat­form, this would be a good oppor­tu­nity to pio­neer a part­nership with these types of experts. Seems basic, I know, hind­sight is always 20/20.

On the other token, if you’re the one with a pro­duct to push: “The best way to get traf­fic is to make someone who has traf­fic an offer they can’t refuse”. How do you do this? Well, in short, con­vince them that they will make a lot of money. Here are the steps:

  • Con­vince them that there is big money potential
  • Con­vince them that your pro­duct will convert
  • Con­vince them that you will pay them, and pay them on time
  • Deve­lop and track metrics from your own small cam­paigns to show successes
  • Con­vince them of the qua­lity of your product

These steps have to be taken, and you may need to work your way up the lad­der depen­ding on where you’re at. The “A” list web­site or blog­ger that you might want to push your pro­duct might not even con­si­der you if you haven’t had some suc­ces­ses with other web­si­tes and blog­gers that are “B” list. “It’s all baby steps”

Also, a few notes on gene­ral partnerships:

  • Have things writ­ten down, even something is bet­ter than nothing, inc­lude exit stra­tegy if possible
  • Part­ner with peo­ple that you’d at least want to have din­ner with
  • All part­nerships end even­tually, even if its because one of you die, just try to make the split nice
  • COMMUNICATE — part­nerships go sour when part­ners stop communicating 

Ove­rall, this was a fan­tas­tic kic­koff to what I sus­pect is going to be a bri­lliant pro­gram. Hats off to both  Jeff Wal­ker and Brian Clark. It’s all about net­wor­king, fin­ding part­ners, and crea­ting promotions.

“Publishing is the best busi­ness in the world, there is no bet­ter busi­ness.” — Jeff Walker


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