Partnering Profits with Rich Schefren


by Kenny Hyder

The third class in the Part­ne­ring Pro­fits semi­nar from Brian Clark inc­lu­ded guest Rich Sche­fren of Stra­te­gic Pro­fits. This class totally roc­ked, and Rich roc­ked the house with the nug­gets of wis­dom that were falling from his pockets.

Here are the top 10 nug­gets of wisdom:

  1. Joint ven­tu­res are all about leve­ra­ging: weird cir­cums­tance, con­nec­tions, strengths, etc. — You need to leve­rage them so they bene­fit all parties.

  3. Once you figure out what it is that you’re good at, it will open doors for you to work with others who are good at other things. — This works with the con­cept of leve­ra­ging, leve­rage your skills to work with other ski­lled people.

  5. Work with peo­ple who have the same sense of fair­ness — There are plenty of deals out there, don’t try to con­vince someone for a lar­ger piece of the pie, just find another pie!

  7. You need to have a “just in time” pers­pec­tive rather than a “just in case” pers­pec­tive — infor­ma­tion online goes stale very quickly, so bet­ter to act fast than have things under your belt for the future. (ex. write the blog post today, rather than thin­king about wri­ting it in the future)

  9. Look for oppor­tu­ni­ties in areas that truly inte­rest you — Love what you do, and you’ll be a lot more productive!

  11. Some­ti­mes you don’t value what it is that you know that’s spe­cial, because you already know it. — The goal is to rea­lize what’s spe­cial that you know, and value it.

  13. Atten­tion is the scar­cest com­mo­dity, the way to rise above the clut­ter is to run a sprint when ever­yone else is run­ning a marathon — When ever­yone else is plug­ging away, you can gain atten­tion by wor­king extra hard in short bursts.

  15. Peo­ple pay for advice, not information.

  17. There’s always some luck invol­ved in suc­cess, but if you keep knoc­king at the door, you’ll get lucky eventually!

  19. You don’t have to be the best at what you do! — There are plenty of peo­ple who don’t know anything, you just have to be bet­ter than them to be an asset!

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