Still Making Money?


by Kenny Hyder

As we all plunge into the new year, we are once again inun­da­ted with artic­les, posts, and tweets about how to get focu­sed, stay on track, and set our goals. These remin­ders and encou­ra­ge­ments often con­tain nug­gets of wis­dom, valua­ble insight, and new ideas for us to pon­der and use. Howe­ver, as I see these bits of infor­ma­tion fly by during the first work week of the new year, I am remin­ded of a Jay-Z lyric: “Is you still on that? If you still making money cause we still on that.”

It is inte­res­ting to see dif­fe­rent people’s pre­dic­tions for the coming year, and new data about mar­ketstrends, and how to stay fresh in a shif­ting industry; but one thing hasn’t chan­ged with the new year: peo­ple still want to make money. At a fun­da­men­tal level all you really need to unders­tand is that your busi­ness is there to make money. That is the sole pur­pose of any for-profit business.

Are you still on that? I thought so. Rather than loo­king at all the shiny new posts and charts about what new tools are out there, and how your industry is expec­ted to change, why not look at spe­ci­fi­cally how you can make you more money? Sure, some of these things might relate to how you make money, but are they flat out going to put more money in your poc­ket? If not, then why waste time rea­ding, watching, and com­men­ting on them?

Here’s my moti­va­tio­nal advice for 2010: when you sit down to work, whe­re­ver that may be, doing wha­te­ver it is you do, think about how each spe­ci­fic task you do is directly hel­ping you make more money. If what you’re doing isn’t directly rela­ted to you making money, don’t do it any­more. Rea­ding blogs, twit­ter, face­book, chec­king email — all things that for many peo­ple require immense amounts of time and don’t actually corre­late to income.

Rather than rea­ding the latest post on pro­duc­ti­vity tools, how about making a list of all of the things you do that actually dis­tract you from wor­king and making money? Start cut­ting these things out and your pro­duc­ti­vity will ins­tantly shoot up.

There may be many chan­ges, fluc­tua­tions, or para­digm shifts this year, but I gua­ran­tee by the end of the year you will still want to be making money. If you can deve­lop the skill of refi­ning your abi­lity to make money and not waste time on things that don’t help you just that, by the end of this year you will be able to work less and earn more.


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