The Mystery of Adobe Space Monkey

So, Since my post about Adobe Space Monkey, I have gotten a few laughs and a few questions. Mostly, people have no idea what I’m talking about. Well, in fact, Space Monkey is not something I made up, although I wish it was. But, it’s actually an easter egg that Adobe put into photoshop CS2. There are a couple of ways that you can check it out for yourself. The easy way is to Command click the ‘About Photoshop’ button while the application is open. (For windows users I assume it would be ctrl click, but I am not sure) It will pop up the CS2 about information with a ‘Space Monkey’ theme. The hard way, which is the way I learned about it, is to copy over ps CS2 from one machine to another without reinstalling. When you do this, you have to alter some of the photoshop system files so that it doesn’t prompt you to reinstall. Now if you do this incorrectly, in an almost mocking fashion, the next time you try to open photoshop it will give you the space monkey screen. In the end, I had to completely wipe my system of any CS2 files, and reinstall from the beginning. I thought I would save some time by just dragging over the application image, but in turn I ended up spending a day and a half (in between working) trying to get the issue resolved.

Mostly I just think the whole Adobe Space Monkey thing is hilarious. And I was reminded of it because I was browsing through some photos and came across the screenshot I took of it way back when I first saw it. I thought I would do a little post, especially since it was on the same day that Adobe announced CS3. -kenny

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  1. Kenny
    I have installed Suite CS2 on my MAC with leopard as an operating system. Illustrator, Acrobat, etc. all open fine. But… Photoshop opens with Space Monkey and says I have an invalid name or serial #. How the h_ _ l can I get rid of Space Monkey and just work with Photoshop???
    Appreciate any help you can provide. I have reinstalled the Suite twice, sigh!
    Thanks – Christy

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