Graywolf’s SEO for WordPress


by Kenny Hyder

I just watched a video that Michael Gray put up today on his blog about how to opti­mize your word­press blog. The video was mostly infor­ma­tive and insight­ful. Being that I use word­press, it defi­ni­tely gave me some things to con­si­der. Mostly he tal­ked about making sure that goo­gle­bot won’t read dupli­ca­tes of your posts by disa­llo­wing the robots from your archive files. This way, he says, you will have the engi­nes only vie­wing your con­tent in the main place that you put it. Which makes sense. Except that I have three con­ten­tions with this idea.

1. Ever­yone, everywhere else is saying to not worry about dupli­cate con­tent. It is situa­tions like these that are going to make dupli­cate con­tent ine­vi­ta­ble no mat­ter what. Dupli­cate con­tent is something that hap­pens natu­rally, and goo­gle­bot knows that.

2. The whole idea behind archi­ves and cate­go­ries is to inc­rease usa­bi­lity on a web­site. It is extre­mely use­ful to be able to sort or seach posts by date, cate­gory, author, etc.. It doesn’t make any sense that we should be worried that our site is extre­mely acces­si­ble, aren’t most of us batt­ling to make other people’s sites more user friendly and navi­ga­ble by both humans and spi­ders alike?

3. We should not have Goo­gle dic­ta­ting this kind of stuff to us. We should be dic­ta­ting how we want THEM to func­tion. IMHO it’s one thing to opti­mize a site so that it is vie­wa­ble to robots by using text and rich con­tent, and to build links etc etc etc.. Nit-picky stuff like this should not be man­da­ted because goo­gle­bot might get con­fu­sed! Goo­gle has one of the big­gest, best and most expen­sive dev­lop­ment teams in the world, they for sure can figure this out.

So, mostly I like what Gray­wolf has to say. I read his blog regu­larly, and am for what he is doing in the “greyhat” area of SEO. But stuff like this, brings up fee­lings like noted in #3 of above. Let’s all use good tech­ni­que as we deve­lop. But let’s also deve­lop from the bot­tom up, and not worry about who’s sit­ting on top. –kenny

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