Are You Penny Wise And Pound Foolish?


by Kenny Hyder

Penny Wise Pound FoolishIn today’s com­pe­ti­tive lands­cape of inter­net mar­ke­ting, we are surroun­ded by inc­re­di­ble talent in every arena. SEO’scopyw­ri­tersPPC pro­fes­sio­nalsaffi­liate mar­ke­ters, and social media mar­ke­ters are sprou­ting up everywhere; and they’re get­ting bet­ter at honing their craft.

While your ave­rage SEO might be able to rank for terms rela­ted to your busi­ness, does he/she unders­tand what hap­pens next? This was brought to my atten­tion recently over din­ner with a client pros­pect, who was expec­ting that all I would do is get them to rank for terms, and then send in the invoi­ces. While this would make my job unquan­ti­fiably easier, it wouldn’t make me a very effec­tive marketer.

While you do want “the right tool for the right job”, this doesn’t mean that inter­net mar­ke­ting con­sul­tants aren’t res­pon­si­ble for deli­ve­ring good inte­gra­ted tac­tics that sup­port a com­prehen­sive mar­ke­ting plan. The job of an SEO isn’t just to get ran­kings, much like the job of a copyw­ri­ter isn’t just to write an article, or a social media mar­ke­ter to make something hit a front page.

Unfor­tu­na­tely, I think that the inter­net has ena­bled peo­ple to become highly ski­lled in a sin­gle area, but com­ple­tely igno­rant of others. It has become com­mon for the self-start inter­net mar­ke­ter to have no clue about mar­ke­ting basics like mar­ket satu­ra­tion or ROI. We have bred a gene­ra­tion of online mar­ke­ters that are penny wise yet pound foolish.

Over din­ner, my pros­pec­tive client was very plea­sed to hear that ran­kings were just the begin­ning of a con­sul­ting cam­paign. The SEO that he was wor­king with pre­viously had set his expec­ta­tion that get­ting his site ran­king was the goal (A For­tune 500, mind you). As I explai­ned that wor­king through opti­mi­zing key­word selec­tion, bounce rates, and con­ver­sions were all part of the pro­cess, I began to won­der how many com­pa­nies, even large ones were wor­king with mar­ke­ters that were only doing half of their job?

Don’t settle!

Cross polli­nate, I’m con­fu­sed to see SEO’s sit­ting in SEO panels all day at con­fe­ren­ces. Shouldn’t you know this stuff already? Go check out a PPC panel, or learn about repu­ta­tion mana­ge­ment, why drone out on the same stuff that you breathe daily? Or, go even further — go check out a con­fe­rence that you’ve never been to! Go read something by Dale Car­ne­gie or Zig Ziglar rather than buying the latest SEO Book.

Like­wise, if you’re loo­king to hire — ask ques­tions about your con­sul­tant. Do they seem to have a good mar­ke­ting sense? Or are they just loo­king to imple­ment some tac­tics to get a few quick results for you? I’m not saying that they should be an “All In One” solu­tion to your mar­ke­ting, we all spe­cia­lize in our spe­ci­fic areas for a rea­son, but the best are well rounded.

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