by Kenny Hyder

Today I read an article by search autho­rity Danny Sulli­van regar­ding, among other things, all of the recent buzz about Goo­gle spi­de­ring CSS files on web­pa­ges. Now, while there seems to be some vali­dity to the issue con­cer­ning using css to cloak and hide dupli­cate con­tent, I don’t see what the big deal is! At the SES con­fe­rence in Chi­cago this past Decem­ber, a num­ber of search experts spe­ci­fi­cally addres­sed the issue of dupli­cate con­tent and quite bla­tently said not to worry about it. So, why not just chill out? Further­more, using css will only ena­ble you to alter appea­rance or layout of con­tent, NOT make it magi­cally dis­sap­pear! So all the wan­nabe spam­mers are still gonna have to address the fact that Goo­gle will see their ille­gi­ti­mate tac­tics. So for the rest of us, lets all settle down. It’s not like it’s dif­fi­cult to write valid css! –kenny

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