SEO Friendly — Now Fat Free!


by Kenny Hyder

Fat FreeI’ve been noti­cing a trend lately that has peo­ple run­ning mad for any and every piece of soft­ware they can get their hands on that is “SEO Friendly.” I’m glad that the gene­ral popu­la­tion is beco­ming more edu­ca­ted about SEO and it’s impor­tance in online mar­ke­ting, but peo­ple need to wake up and rea­lize that just because some sch­muck that is trying to sell you something SAYS that his/her soft­ware or plu­gin is “SEO Friendly” doesn’t mean that it is.

Sadly, it seems that once again a desc­rip­tive phrase that we all have used so kindly is star­ting to become an anno­ying, ove­ru­sed buzz­word by peo­ple who don’t know it’s true mea­ning. What I don’t unders­tand is, why does ever­yone blindly believe those whom have no busi­ness stic­king their noses in the world of SEO, that something is or isn’t SEO friendly? Would you believe me if I han­ded you a plate full of potato chips and told you they were fat free? What if I star­ted mar­ke­ting my own brand of potato chip and slap­ped a “Fat Free” logo on there and sold them on my web­site? Would you buy them?

How is it that ever­yone is foo­led by a few lines of SEO-speak that can be pulled off of any SEO blog or wiki­pe­dia? Is that all I have to do to sell my fat free potato chip? Copy and paste some healthy jar­gon from a hippy food blog and you’ll all believe me? Just because there aren’t laws about subs­tan­tia­ting claims in SEO doesn’t mean you should believe everything you hear. There are things that work, and things that just don’t. The peo­ple like me that you pay to lis­ten to at the big SEO con­fe­ren­ces have had years of expe­rience doing and lear­ning this stuff, we didn’t just dream up a pro­duct to sell over­night and read some artic­les to help us sound offi­cial. Think about that the next time you go to drop $100 on a piece of soft­ware that claims to be “SEO Friendly” — is it really? Who’s behind it? Has someone like me given it a look over? If not and you still want to buy it, let me know so I can also sell you some chips. ;)


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