SES Chicago


by Kenny Hyder

Well, I’m back from the search engine stra­te­gies con­fe­rence in Chi­cago. I atten­ded what was a four day con­fe­rence and trade show. The infor­ma­tion I lear­ned was cer­tainly not pri­ce­less! With the basic to mid-level trai­ning in SEO under my belt, I esti­mate my worth to have gone up about 15-20k per year on a salary basis. Nice for me :) The con­fe­rence was a great oppor­tu­nity for lear­ning the offi­cial ‘white hat’ tech­ni­ques for gai­ning orga­nic lis­tings in the major search engi­nes, and stra­te­gies for deve­lop­ment of search mar­ke­ting in the areas of ppc, link buil­ding, and site opti­mi­za­tion. I see search mar­ke­ting to be a very niche, and very luc­ra­tive aspect of web deve­lop­ment and design. I am exci­ted to dive in full throttle as a search mar­ke­ter, and even more exci­ted to be able to add search mar­ke­ting to my resume of ser­vi­ces offe­red to clients. I was able to make some new con­tacts, from having atten­ded the con­fe­rence.. One of which was spea­ker Jim McFay­den of Cri­ti­cal Mass. He spoke at the Flash & SEO ses­sion as well as the ses­sion regar­ding Ajax, css, and Web 2.0 & SEO ses­sion. He caught my atten­tion as one of the few spea­kers who stood out as a tech­ni­cally inc­li­ned search mar­ke­ter. This of course makes per­fect sense seeing as he is a pro­gram­mer / web deve­lo­per him­self. I was able to meet up with him later one eve­ning for a cou­ple of drinks where we had a great con­ver­sa­tion regar­ding both of our posi­tions as web deve­lo­pers both at a salary job, and on the side. His insight was much appre­cia­ted on my part as I was able to glean valua­ble know­ledge from a sea­so­ned search mar­ke­ter and pro­gram­mer. I hope the favor was retur­ned as I was able to give a bit of insight to him as well on topics that he was maybe not so up to date. I was also very glad to be able to catch up with my colleague/partner in web deve­lop­ment & SEO, Jus­tin Wal­ton of Posi­tion Tech­no­lo­gies. I guess, catch up is not so much the term seeing as we speak on a daily basis.. But in per­son was a nice change from the ever so fami­liar ins­tant mes­sage con­ver­sa­tions that we carry on from one day to the next. We are both loo­king for­ward to some recent deve­lop­ments in our oppor­tu­ni­ties as part­ners in web-design and SEO. This con­fe­rence was only a boost for the both of us. In sum­mary, I was very glad to have had the oppor­tu­nity to attend Search Engine Stra­te­gies Chi­cago ’06, and many thanks to Barry Lang­berg of Glo­bal Power Supply for having sent me as an in-house repre­sen­ta­tive for GPS. Cer­tainly Glo­bal will bene­fit from my lear­ning as I am the sole web deve­lo­per for the com­pany. I look for­ward to the next con­fe­rence! –kenny

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