SEO Consulting

SEO Consultant services are offered to help you define and implement a search marketing campaign in order to boost rankings and drive qualified and relevant traffic to your website. Each campaign is custom tailored to your business and website in order to help increase traffic and conversions with maximum effectiveness. Pricing varies depending on complexity and scope of each campaign, Please fill out the contact form to get more information.

Website Diagnostic

Website diagnostics take an in-depth look at your website from an SEO perspective and gives recommendations on how to improve your site for search friendliness. Your website is analyzed to determine any potential issues affecting your website’s crawlability, search engine rankings, and quality of traffic.

Elements Analyzed

  • Code Structure
  • Site Architecture
  • URL & Navigation Structure
  • Sitemaps & Robots.txt
  • Site Load Times
  • Title Tags & Meta Data
  • Page Content, Copywriting, & Header Tags
  • Internal Links
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Search Presence Analysis

Pricing on website diagnostics varies depending on size and complexity of the website, please fill out the contact form for a quote.

SEO Training

SEO Training courses are developed specifically for your business in order to train and educate your team about SEO best practices and online marketing strategy. Courses can be held over the phone or in person (travel not included) and are 4 hours each + Q&A. Custom SEO Training sessions run $2,000 (plus cost of travel if held in person). Phone sessions can be spread over multiple days. Please contact me if you are interested in customizing a custom SEO Training course for your business.