Calacanis Flatters Himself And Then Doesn’t Follow Up On His Word


by Kenny Hyder

So I found out about an article Jason Cala­ca­nis wrote over on Graywolf’s SEO Blog today. Appa­rently Cala­ca­nis wrote a piece that explai­ned how one would go about get­ting a link from him by tal­king him up a bunch and first lin­king to him. I read his article, and I was actually sur­pri­sed how pre­ten­tious one man could pre­sume to be! Not that he has nothing going for him­self, but he really thinks that he is hot stuff! AND he thinks that you ought to as well, AND write about it! So any­way, Michael Gray wrote in res­ponse in order to bait a link from Jason; which by the way way abso­lu­tely hila­rious and over the top, cause he went out of his way to do every sin­gle thing Jason men­tio­ned to get a link.. And NEVER GOT ONE! Repor­tedly, peo­ple that pos­ted after Gray­wolf got links from Jay-Cal but not Gray­wolf. And that is how I found out about all of this, because of Gray’s dou­ble reply where he repor­ted on the whole deal, and how jay-cal didn’t follow through on his pro­mi­ses. Per­so­nally, I like Gray­wolf, I get more exci­ted to read his posts, than any other seo blog I subsc­ribe to. So it kinda pis­ses me off that jay-cal treats him unfairly, espe­cially con­si­de­ring his past of igno­rant claims that SEO is BS. And further­more, it’s just bad busi­ness to not follow through on something that you give your word to. I already half dis­li­ked jay-cal because of his remarks on SEO, and because of an inter­view he did on my part­ner but never pos­ted, when he said he was going to. This just wor­sens it for me. And as far as I’m con­cer­ned, I don’t need and/or want a link from Jason Cala­ca­nis, espe­cially if the way he recom­mends I get one is a bunch of poli­tics that make nega­tive pro­gress on the whole revo­lu­tion of social media that we all love so much! –kenny

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