Office Social Experiment


by Kenny Hyder

This mor­ning, I did a fun little social expe­ri­ment with the peo­ple in my office using skype. All of my co-workers are used to me sen­ding them ran­dom things via skype, so my little “expe­ri­ment” wasn’t something too out of the ordi­nary for any of them, most likely they just thought I was being Kenny. The expe­ri­ment simply con­sis­ted of me sky­ping an arbi­trary word to ever­yone in my office, and seeing their replies. It’s actually kind of inte­res­ting (and funny) to see the results. You should try this in your office!

Skype Mes­sage: “zebra”


Sara: “don­key”

Rei­nard: “antelope”

Joshua: “did you buy a zebra farm?”

Kee­gan: “finch”

Chris: “who you callin a zebra?”

Magda: “ok”

Aus­tin: “giraffe”

Jon: “braze” (his last name is Braese, pro­noun­ced ‘braze’)



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