Peer Pressure Voting


by Kenny Hyder

I got tag­ged with this video by @oilman, encou­ra­ging me to regis­ter to vote. Of course, I have already been regis­te­red for months and follo­wing the cam­paign trail clo­sely, but I feel the mes­sage is worth sprea­ding none the less. Plus, Todd is just sour because he’s Cana­dian and can’t vote him­self, so I feel its my duty, and yours, to spread the mes­sage along for peo­ple like him!

My tags are: Came­ron Olthuis, Dave Sny­der, Aus­tin Cur­tis, David Brown, and Lisa Bet­tany!

Go regis­ter and then tag 5 more peo­ple! Quick!

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