Websites as Graphs


by Kenny Hyder

I came across this very cool, and very inte­res­ting site the other day as I was sur­fing. It’s a little Java applet that scans the site that you spe­cify by url, and out­puts an on-the-fly graph of the site using a sys­tem of colo­red dots. At face value, it is a really neat way to visually see what is going on behind the sce­nes of your site and could almost pass as art. The pic­ture shown here is a graph of my site. After fami­lia­ri­zing myself with what the colors mean, it was inte­res­ting from an seo pers­pec­tive to look at my graph, cause I got to visually see how a bot would crawl my site and access the dif­fe­rent parts. If nothing else, it’s at least a fun way to kill some time!

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