10 Things I Learned from 10,000 Tweets

Twitter10. Twitter can be a HUGE waste of time

Like most things online, you can waste hours of your time on twitter if you’re not careful. I’ve learned that when I need to get something done, I have to close TweetDeck.

9. Spam accounts have no value

Like most of you, I too have done my share of testing and experimenting with various types of spam accounts on twitter. Other than one account which will remain anonymous, none of my other attempts have had any long term value.

8. There is no need for paid tools

Unless you are running complex campaigns with multiple users for corporate accounts, or managing multiple accounts for clients, there is no need to pay for any twitter tools. A single user/brand can do everything they need with all of the free tools available.

7. Whining doesn’t help

Don’t like the new update twitter released? Too bad, all our tweets are belong to twitter. We want to use twitter, then we get to play by twitter’s rules, whining won’t help.

6. People are likely to retweet you if you talk about them

Might sound obvious, but the only times I’ve been retweeted by the A-listers is when I said something nice, or linked to them. Want some attention? You have to be the first one to do the back scratching.

5. You don’t own anything on twitter

Remember that awesome link that your friend tweeted at you about a month ago about that thing? Yeah, try finding it now. Oh, what’s that? You can’t? That’s right, that’s because it belongs to the twitter goblin! If something you think you might want to reference later comes across your twitter feed, put it somewhere safe. ie. not on twitter, lest it be lost forever.

4.  Need something? Just ask.

One of my favorite things about twitter is that I can ask virtually any question and get an answer within minutes. Traveling and need to know where to eat? Want to know the name of the soundtrack from your favorite video game from the 80’s? Best tool to use? Link to that one YouTube video with that one creepy karate guy? Somebody is sure to know, it’s like a personal answering service!

3. Twitter CAN make you money

Not by spamming, and not by sponsored tweets, but twitter is a great way to easily connect with new people you don’t know. More connections = more opportunities = money. I’m not saying that there is a direct correlation, but I have certainly picked up new clients and made money because of connections I’ve made via twitter.

2. Shut up once in awhile

As someone who has now written 10,000 tweets, I understand how addicting it is to always be the one saying something. But there is a lot to gain from just quieting down and watching every once in awhile. Sometimes I just watch a conversation rather than getting involved. There is great value in observation, you don’t always have to be a participant.

1. Twitter has no value

The value is in the people that you meet. No amount of followers, no custom background design, and no amount of retweets are going to replace the conversations you’ve had and the people you’ve met. The value is in relationships and will continue to be no matter what social platform we transplant ourselves to in the future.