10 Things I Learned from 10,000 Tweets

Social Media

by Kenny Hyder

Twitter10. Twit­ter can be a HUGE waste of time

Like most things online, you can waste hours of your time on twit­ter if you’re not care­ful. I’ve lear­ned that when I need to get something done, I have to close TweetDeck.

9. Spam accounts have no value

Like most of you, I too have done my share of tes­ting and expe­ri­men­ting with various types of spam accounts on twit­ter. Other than one account which will remain anony­mous, none of my other attempts have had any long term value.

8. There is no need for paid tools

Unless you are run­ning com­plex cam­paigns with mul­ti­ple users for cor­po­rate accounts, or mana­ging mul­ti­ple accounts for clients, there is no need to pay for any twit­ter tools. A sin­gle user/brand can do everything they need with all of the free tools available.

7. Whi­ning doesn’t help

Don’t like the new update twit­ter relea­sed? Too bad, all our tweets are belong to twit­ter. We want to use twit­ter, then we get to play by twitter’s rules, whi­ning won’t help.

6. Peo­ple are likely to ret­weet you if you talk about them

Might sound obvious, but the only times I’ve been ret­wee­ted by the A-listers is when I said something nice, or lin­ked to them. Want some atten­tion? You have to be the first one to do the back scratching.

5. You don’t own anything on twitter

Remem­ber that awe­some link that your friend twee­ted at you about a month ago about that thing? Yeah, try fin­ding it now. Oh, what’s that? You can’t? That’s right, that’s because it belongs to the twit­ter goblin! If something you think you might want to refe­rence later comes across your twit­ter feed, put it somewhere safe. ie. not on twit­ter, lest it be lost forever.

4.  Need something? Just ask.

One of my favo­rite things about twit­ter is that I can ask vir­tually any ques­tion and get an ans­wer within minu­tes. Tra­ve­ling and need to know where to eat? Want to know the name of the sound­track from your favo­rite video game from the 80’s? Best tool to use? Link to that one You­Tube video with that one creepy karate guy? Some­body is sure to know, it’s like a per­so­nal ans­we­ring service!

3. Twit­ter CAN make you money

Not by spam­ming, and not by spon­so­red tweets, but twit­ter is a great way to easily con­nect with new peo­ple you don’t know. More con­nec­tions = more oppor­tu­ni­ties = money. I’m not saying that there is a direct corre­la­tion, but I have cer­tainly pic­ked up new clients and made money because of con­nec­tions I’ve made via twitter.

2. Shut up once in awhile

As someone who has now writ­ten 10,000 tweets, I unders­tand how addic­ting it is to always be the one saying something. But there is a lot to gain from just quie­ting down and watching every once in awhile. Some­ti­mes I just watch a con­ver­sa­tion rather than get­ting invol­ved. There is great value in obser­va­tion, you don’t always have to be a participant.

1. Twit­ter has no value

The value is in the peo­ple that you meet. No amount of follo­wers, no cus­tom back­ground design, and no amount of ret­weets are going to replace the con­ver­sa­tions you’ve had and the peo­ple you’ve met. The value is in rela­tionships and will con­ti­nue to be no mat­ter what social plat­form we trans­plant our­sel­ves to in the future.

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