14 MORE Tools of Highly Effective Twitter Users

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by Kenny Hyder

Back by popu­lar demand, here is the sequel to the ori­gi­nal 14 Tools of Highly Effec­tive Twit­ter Users. A round up of some of the best tools avai­la­ble for your maxi­mum twit­ter pleasure!


To kick it off, backt­weets is a great way to find, track and moni­tor links that spread on twit­ter. Check out advan­ced mode to search spe­ci­fic date ran­ges and users.



For all of the users that are obses­sed over who’s follo­wing who: does­fo­llow will tell you exactly that. Just put in the two users and it plops out if they follow each other or not.



A tool that allows you to manage mul­ti­ple accounts, sche­dule tweets, and track suc­cess all in one.



Mic­ro­Plaza is a ser­vice that takes all of the com­mon tweets and links from the peo­ple you follow and groups them into “tiles” so that you can easily digest the impor­tant sto­ries that come across your time­line without having to fran­ti­cally scan your ever upda­ting twit­ter feed.



If you’re not into some of the more robust GTD appli­ca­tions, Mind­MeTo might be just for you! Just tweet or dm @mindmeto what you need to remem­ber, and at the allot­ted time, it will send you a dm with the remin­der. Simple.



From the popu­lar poll­daddy ser­vice comes poll­daddy for twit­ter, just put in your ques­tion and pos­si­ble ans­wers and tweet it out!



Archive a twit­ter res­ponse thread! If you’re like me, con­duc­ting busi­ness on twit­ter is a no-brainer. So it’s pro­bably a good idea to have a bac­kup of your com­mu­ni­ca­tion ey? (Also see twee­take from my last post)



Come one! Come All! A resource for fin­ding twit­ter appli­ca­tions and tools. That is, er, besi­des my blog of course..



Shows you which of the peo­ple you follow hasn’t twee­ted for the lon­gest time so you can boot em!



Don’t lie, we all know we’re all obses­sed with our follo­wer counts. This tool shows us a nice little chart of our follo­wer count pro­gress along with projections.



Twit­ter­fall is a cool way to see popu­lar topics or cus­tom search que­ries on twit­ter search that allows you to con­trol dis­play metrics. It also takes the query load on it’s ser­ver so your brow­ser doesn’t have to do all the work.



A tar­ge­ted mar­ke­ting tool that helps you find, follow and even tweet peo­ple that are tal­king about things that you are inte­res­ted. (paid service)



Find and follow users who are tal­king about your terms of inte­rest. Much like twit­terhawk, but you can’t tweet at people.


URL Shor­te­ner

Yeah I know, there are a ton of url shor­te­ners out there, but how kick ass is it to have your own? That way, all your links say your domain in them no mat­ter what. Sweet. Here it is the latest and grea­test way to create your own URL Shortener:

URL Shortener

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John McElhenney May 26, 2009 at 2:26 pm

Very well done. I’m a huge Tweetdeck fan.

I have done some consulting work with PeopleBrowsr too, but they have a way to go before their tool becomes more friendly. I haven’t tried their AIR app yet, but am installing it as I type. (multi-threading and multi-tasking)


Xavier May 26, 2009 at 11:34 pm

Hi Kenny!

Thanks a lot for mentioning MicroPlaza!

Priyanka D May 27, 2009 at 11:17 pm

These are really some new twitter tools! Didnt know some of them! Good list!
Just tweetin it @DeskAway

Roger May 29, 2009 at 6:57 am

Thanks for putting this together. Hootsuite is an excellent tool. It also allows integration with ping.fm. So if you have more than one social site (Facebook, Plurk, identi.ca, etc.) you can post to multiple feeds as well.

Anuj Seth - Twitdom May 31, 2009 at 6:52 pm

Thanks for listing Twitdom.com. We now have in excess of 830 Twitter Apps listed in our database. :)

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