14 Tools of Highly Effective Twitter Users

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by Kenny Hyder

A collec­tion of the 14 best tools avai­la­ble to help you manage and maxi­mize twit­ter in alpha­be­ti­cal order!

Follow Cost

Enter a users twit­ter name:

Follow CostAnd it gives you a rating on how detri­men­tal it will be to follow that user:

Follow CostThe ratings are given in millis­co­bles, or 1/1000th of Robert Scoble’s twit­ter out­put. It also gives an index of what per­cen­tage of the user’s tweets are poli­ti­cal and what per­cen­tage are @replies. More of a fun tool really, but will still give you an accu­rate idea of how much the user will pollute your feed!



Hash­tags are a popu­lar way for twit­ter users to tweet and keep track of rele­vant que­ries in search.twitter.com, #hash­tags keeps up with popu­lar hash­tag tren­ding topics on twitter.



Ever want to follow someone on twit­ter, but didn’t want them to know you were follo­wing them? Yeah, me niether, but in case you ever did, there’s tweetstalk:

TweetStalkJust down­load the fire­fox, ins­tall, and stalk away!



Sta­tis­tics for twit­ter! TweetS­tats allows you to see all sorts of sta­tis­tics from your twit­ter account like, month to month tweet fre­quency, daily ave­rage tweet den­sity, aggre­gate hourly tweets, etc.. And, all of this without ente­ring a pass­word to your account, so you can see stats on others as well!



Twee­take is a tool that I think is indis­pen­sa­ble for anyone that con­ducts any sort of busi­ness on twit­ter. It allows you to down­load and save a copy of your twit­ter account. Follo­wers, Tweets, DMs, Favo­ri­tes, you can save them all as a csv down­load for safe­kee­ping. And if you’re as para­noid as I am about bac­kups, this will be one more thing to add to the list!



Twee­tSuite is a word­press plu­gin that is a con­ti­nua­tion of Tweet­Backs. The new and upgra­ded ver­sion inc­lu­des auto­ma­tic twee­ting of new posts, most twee­ted wid­get, recently twee­ted wid­get, tweet this but­ton, and seve­ral other twitter-tastic fea­tu­res to inter­grate into your word­press blog. It’s the ulti­mate twit­ter plu­gin for wordpress.



Twit­ter busi­ness direc­tory. Find busi­nes­ses on twit­ter. Nuff said.


Twi­Tip: Host Your Own Short URL

Twi­Tip is a great blog for twit­ter users, run by Darren Rowse of Pro­Blog­ger. In this post Darren wri­tes about how you can host your own short url ins­tead of using a ser­vice like tin­yurl. I per­so­nally per­fer to use kl.am but this is not a post on url shor­te­ning services!

Host Your Own Short URLhttp://www.twitip.com/how-to-host-your-own-short-urls/


Twit­Pic is pro­bably a ser­vice that you already use, or are at least fami­liar with. It’s most com­mon use is with cell pho­nes pos­ting pic­tu­res to twit­ter for you. I like it because it also tracks views on each photo, and you can login to Twit­Pic with your twit­ter username/pass and see all of the pho­tos you’ve ever posted.



Post to your twit­ter from your fire­fox address bar! If fire­fox was my main brow­ser, I’d totally use it.



Now this is a great idea, espe­cially for twit­ter addicts that don’t already have an iphone or a crack­berry. Twit­ter­cal lets you post events to your goo­gle calen­dar by sen­ding direct messages.



Yay for friends on twit­ter! It’s all about the con­ver­sa­tion right? Twit­ter­Friends is a neat tool that allows you to look at the con­ver­sa­tions you’re having with all sorts of sta­tis­tics inc­lu­ding: @replies recieved/day, links posted/day, ret­weet quo­tient, tweets/day, as well as the nor­mal to and from tweet ratios bet­ween you and other twit­ter users.


Twit­ter Grader

Twit­ter Gra­der is a twit­ter ran­king tool that gra­des your pro­file based on a num­ber of fac­tors and gives you a grade on a scale of 1–100, as well as a glo­bal rank in pro­por­tion to the rest of users. It is a fun tool that allows you to see just how “elite” your twit­ter pro­file is. I have done exten­sive blog­ging on this tool here: (1,2,3,4)

Twitter Graderhttp://twitter.grader.com/


Now, I have to say, this is just an awe­some name. Out of all the twit­ter mashup names, this is my favo­rite. Twuf­fer (hehe) is a twitter-buffer, that allows you to sche­dule and post-date tweets. Oh the possibilities!


I hope you enjo­yed the post and found some new tools you can use! Also be sure to check out twitip.com and don’t for­get to follow me on twit­ter! @kennyhyder ;)


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