5000th Tweet – A Tribute

For my 5000th tweet I thought I’d do a quick post about why I follow the people I do on my personal twitter account. The people I link to are the ones I’ve actually met 😉

Starting from the top:

@mattcutts – Gotta follow him, cause I do SEO and well.. He’s Matt.

@chriswinfield – Chris is the man for social media promotion, had the pleasure of working with him multiple times, great guy, great work.

@garyvee – I actually was following his blog before he was a super star, cause I love wine, Gary’s awesome, but you probably knew that.

@dannysullivan – Kinda like Matt, a must follow, except his tweets get pretty interesting the later into the night it gets..

@acquireworth – Personal friend and health nut, also knows a crap ton about mixx.

@austincurtis – Personal friend, Actual Ninja, and sick ass designer, also does wedding photography on the weekends.

@stuntdubl – Much respect to Todd since I started out in this game, been following his blog since Day 1. Glad to get to know him on a personal level now too.

@oilman – He got hired on as my boss, so a mandatory follow.. He mostly just makes fun of me.

@robertpalmer – Personal friend, known him since high school, now he’s a kick ass desinger and blogger. Also owns the most spots on my favorite tweets list.

@zefrank – Who doesn’t love Ze?

@gregboser – SEO vet, infamous for viral conference interview videos that ask people if they know the definitions of obscure words.

@factive – Another go to guy for social media and just all around marketing. Lives in my home town (San Diego)

@sspencer – Infamous for confusing conference attendees with high level technical presentations, definately knows what he’s talking about.. Or at least sound like it..

@bcerwickd – Personal friend and coworker

@timhalberg – Personal friend and kick ass wedding photographer, seriously, if you need wedding photos hit him up!

@sugarrae – Much respect to Rae for knowledge on SEO and Affiliate Marketing.. But I’m not afraid of her like everyone else on twitter, she’s a shrimp.

@aussiewebmaster – Frank knows his stuff, fun to listen to cause of the accent and I always enjoy a blunt view.

@martinbowling – Super funny guy, loves beer (still waiting on that story 😉

@brentcsutoras – Yet another go to guy for social media, tons of respect to Brent. Always enjoy catching up at meetups, and occasional IM’s because of the LOADs knowledge he has.

@redreinard – Personal friend and business partner for years. Genius programmer. Don’t talk to him, he’s busy.

@wldaily – What can I say? I love wine, I want all the deals I can get!

@TheMadHat – Can you say Bacon Explosion? Had one at IM Spring Break, it was fantastical, made one this past weekend, it was awesome-sauce, can’t wait for the next one.

@JordanKasteler – Good guy and party animal! Co-Founder of Search & Social.. It’s a fitting name.

@Oatmeal – Have you seen his comics?! Follow him. Find them.

@davesnyder – The other co-founder of search & social, really really nice guy. Super smart business mind.

@neoblog – Nice guy, did some really cool studies of twitter a long time ago.

@monicawright – She’s a MAINEiac! Like, from Maine. Super nice, SEO chick.

@MandaOtto – Good conversation when you engage her, seems to know what shes talking about

@lisabarone – Kneesockz!!! With a “z”, pretty funny, emo, oh, and she writes stuff.

@problogger – Mad respect from Day 1. If you’re reading my blog and you don’t know problogger, you’re doing it wrong. (or im doing it right, and its because of problogger)

@aaronwall – runs seobook, duh.

@webuildpages – Have they tweeted on this account? Used to be the home of some of my favs..

@neilpatel – Super smart marketing tips, pretty goofy though, just take him serious when he’s on the podium.

@barrybowman – I have a personal friend named barrie bowman that has red hair, i just thought it was way too much of a coincidence, i followed cause of that, this barry actually tweets out some cool stuff from time to time

@brentdpayne – does the seo for chicago times, always cool to see what he’s working on, plus we’ve had some really interesting dialogue over twitter

@leeodden – ranks #3 for “online marketing” – nuff said

@davenaylor – smart guy, good ideas, good accent, gotta mix in some foriegners

@andybeal – another authority in the space for sure

@vanessafox – Tons of respect, love the collaboration between seos and developers that she brings to the table

@jillwhalen – Had some interesting conversations for sure with Jill, as I’m sure most have

@davidkeffen – Funny guy, some corny jokes and good conversation

@copyblogger – Mad respect for this guy, I make sure to catch everything he puts out. DO IT

@katemorris – Smart Chick, Super nice, makes friends with everyone 🙂

@griffingranberg – Good guy, super happy all the time, dunno about you, but I need somma that in my work day!

@MichelleRobbins – Very witty and knows her geek culture. Also super nice. Helps run SEL and SMX

@rustybrick – Always has some good content to contribute

@Rhea – One of my favorite new “internet friends”, knows a crapload about SEO, puts up with sugarrae, and she and her husband are basically the gender inverse of me and my wife.

@calebkimbrough – Awesome texture designer, if you’re looking for textures, follow him.

@Pamela_Lund – Another one of those nice girls that knows about internet marketing, sorry guys, shes taken.

@GabGoldenberg – A super nice guy this time! Lots to contribute about SEO

@purposeinc – Hosts think tank and the infamous poker tourney at pubcon every year, good guy.

@audette – Good conversation, knows SEO, likes good beer

@BarbaraBoser – The attractive side of gregboser, rockstar for social media promotion!

@VirginiaNussey More good convo, when you engage.

@JackLeblond – Really good guy, totally outgoing on twitter, totally not in person 😉

@brianchappell – Hits it hard with social media, also same as above!

@dharmesh – built twitter.grader.com (remember when that was popular) had some good convo with him, also runs onstartups.com – info about startups, good stuff

@dreaminaction – good convo, blogger doing her thing!

@shellyfagin – Good convo yet again! She does SEO too

@pratt – Good guy, knows his stuff, fun to hang out with

@sallymander – she was originally my 100th follower, then I got unfollowed so she was #99, shes also really funny 🙂

@chiropractic – Chiropractor + Marketer = huh? I dunno but he rocks it! Way cool, rocks it on the local, and gave me some free adjustments!

@kristy – After sallymander, kristy became the 100th follower that stuck! She turned out to be a good one too! Also funny and witty, and nice!

@DanteMonteverde – A little of this, a little of that, knows what he’s doin, but its hard to find him!

jimboykin – been around for a long time, not super active on twitter though..

@joannalord – kinda like my little sister, cause shes so small. Super funny and really easy to tease!

@danzarrella – Social media rockstar, he’s with hubspot currently. Seriously knows his stuff.

@pageoneresults – Gets mad if you follow him for no reason, funny to talk to. Good for listening.

@cshel – Another serious female technical mind, also really funny.

@jawnuthin – personal friend, HILARIOUS, one of the funniest people I know, Also – the next Jeff Buckely, I wish he tweeted more

@cbui81 – personal friend, fellow food lover, runs a basketball blog

@anderhyder – MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE!!!!!!!!!

@juliemackenzie – really interesting conversation in times past

@stephenfry – one of the top twitterers, pretty interesting..

@streko – super smart, knows what hes puttin down, makes fun of other friends, fun to watch

@graywolf – tons of respect, reading since Day 1, great Google rants about once a week

@ChristinaGayle – Copywriter, conversationalist, interesting

@weirdnews – run by brentcsutoras, crazy stories from this account, fun stuff

@joshuaseo – Pretty interesting dude, fun conversations

@cjweb – puts out good content and resources especially for desingers

@tonyadam – yahoo who? metro friend #2, and super talented marketer, plus super funny and fellow mos def lover + scotch drinker /mancrush

@visualfuture – sallymanders husband, funny guy, good conversation

@melanienathan – link builder, another hilarious chick, super fun conversations

@sarasowrong – personal friend, talented writer/editor, musician

@Mark_S – My Cousin, He’s a riot, literally, he’ll cause a riot in your house.

@WarrenWhitlock – Met him at pubcon last year, followed cause of interactive twitter presentation, pretty interesting

@heatherlloyd – 🙂 Client turned friend? Shes awesome, Rockstar copywriter, super hilarious, speaks her mind always!

@shimonsandler – good content, interesting stuff

@matterhornpat – we were on a panel together, good guy, good convo

@shashib – brings power strips to conferences to share! sweet.

@skitzzo – good guy, lots of opinions, I enjoy the bold stances, even though I don’t always agree.. Fellow poker player

@scottpolk – knows his stuff, always good for a laugh

@btabke – runs pubcon

@ravenjon – puts out some of the best seo tools on the market

@alisond – really good convo and puts out good content and studies

@chris_hart – funny guy, knows his stuff, tall

@remarkablogger – authority in the space, really good content and voice

@thesearchguru – super nice, copywriting chick

@alandowling – personal friend, super talented illustrator/film maker

@MrsOilman – wife to the infamous Oilman, it is rumored that she may/may not really exist, fun to watch her tweets when Oilman gets in trouble

@gregfinn – Awesome guy, works with ChrisWinfield, writes some really good stuff (OGC)

@yummyman – seems to know his stuff, had some good conversations back in the days..

@AnimalRza – Personal Friend, go go dancer, lives in San Fransisco now

@lorenbaker – good guy, has a funny hat on in his avatar, throws kick ass conferences with davesnyder and jordankasteler

@netmeg – super funny, great conversation

@patrickwinfield – good designer, works with the OGC crew at 10e20

@outspokenmedia – follow just to make sure I catch all the posts that come out 96 times a day

@chrisbennett – Good guy, good content, good conversation, fellow Audi R8 lover

@MarkKnowles – created pixelsilk, the best cms Ive seen yet.. Also a really nice guy

@NathanJohns – Super nice, super helpful googler

@hsatterwhite – hahahahahahahahaha

@imjustcreative – good design resources

@henshaw – personal account for ravenjon, good guy, funny guy

@airdisa – we have ties that go waaay back

@CJohanSmith – Personal Friend, Engineer, Just got funding to dev a product that you’ll probably buy soon

@chase_reeves – Personal Friend, Hilarious man, smart sob. Keeping him to myself

@godhammer – some of the funniest conversations Ive had

@zaibatsu – One of our last hopes for a non celebrity “power user” – also super helpful and generous

@Szetela – PPC ROCKSTAR! + Stories for days!

@toddmalicoat – stuntdubl’s attempt at a segregated personal account… I don’t think it worked.

@camsna – Personal Friend, Since high school, we lived together, travelled across the country together, climbed a mountain together, he’s the next Eric Clapton.

@pearsonified – Creator of the Thesis Theme. Sickness.

@diythemes – Account for the Thesis theme

@khyder – No, its not me, It’s my cousin Kelly! She plays volleyball for one of the best college teams in the nation.

@kid_disco – Don’t email him, he’ll add your email to a spam list. Smart guy, tall guy.

@timstaines – Another nice guy, good conversation

@joehall – smart dude, good content and good tools

@chelleface – Personal Friend, lives in Texas now.

@AshleyDorris – Personal Friend, Wedding Photographer, Another funny one

@BrascoAtWMR – my updates for content from webmasterradio.fm, good guy

@seosmarty – Good content, rare but good

@Matt_Siltala – Good conversations and engagement

@fairminder – Nice guy, interesting to talk to

@zerbetron – eye makeup Rockstar! also roller derby champ! Good conversation! Nice chick

@loriorr – MY MOM! Yeah, you all are freaking out about your parents on facebook, mine have been there for days, now they’re infiltrating twitter!

@daver – Really smart dude, funny, good conversation and jokes

@paulgallaher – Personal Friend, Known since Middle School! He’s a journalist, a real one, like for newspapers! *ducks from lisa*

@blafrance – really interesting tweets, pretty funny

@garretcurtis – Personal Friend, Actual Ninja, Kickass film maker

@jamesprola – Personal Friend, Another kickass film maker

@thomaskranzle – Personal Friend, Seriously one of the best photographers, videographers Ive seen, hit him up if you have a client that needs product work or work in the field

@lauralippay – yahoo what? Awesome chick, super smart

@susanesparza – badass writer chick thats published!

@KoryMaine – Another Cousin! Heard of the band Tool? <- better than their drummer

@cesarserna – kick ass tools and stuff, really nice guy, fun to hang

@rebeccakelley – pretty funny follow, we had fun making fun of panelists from the audience one time

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  1. Thanks for including me in the list. And, for the record, Twitter Grader usage has gone *up* since initial launch. The app gets used over 30,000 times a day!

  2. Hey Kenny, Thanks for the mention. Now I have to look you up again when I am out in SB in the fall. You can choose the restaurant again, buy I will pay the bill. 😉 Sound good?

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