5000th Tweet — A Tribute

Social Media

by Kenny Hyder

For my 5000th tweet I thought I’d do a quick post about why I follow the peo­ple I do on my per­so­nal twit­ter account. The peo­ple I link to are the ones I’ve actually met ;)

Star­ting from the top:

@matt­cutts — Gotta follow him, cause I do SEO and well.. He’s Matt.

@chris­win­field — Chris is the man for social media pro­mo­tion, had the plea­sure of wor­king with him mul­ti­ple times, great guy, great work.

@gary­vee — I actually was follo­wing his blog before he was a super star, cause I love wine, Gary’s awe­some, but you pro­bably knew that.

@danny­su­lli­van — Kinda like Matt, a must follow, except his tweets get pretty inte­res­ting the later into the night it gets..

@acqui­re­worth — Per­so­nal friend and health nut, also knows a crap ton about mixx.

@aus­tin­cur­tis — Per­so­nal friend, Actual Ninja, and sick ass desig­ner, also does wed­ding pho­to­graphy on the weekends.

@stunt­dubl — Much res­pect to Todd since I star­ted out in this game, been follo­wing his blog since Day 1. Glad to get to know him on a per­so­nal level now too.

@oil­man — He got hired on as my boss, so a man­da­tory follow.. He mostly just makes fun of me.

@robert­pal­mer — Per­so­nal friend, known him since high school, now he’s a kick ass desin­ger and blog­ger. Also owns the most spots on my favo­rite tweets list.

@zefrank — Who doesn’t love Ze?

@greg­bo­ser — SEO vet, infa­mous for viral con­fe­rence inter­view videos that ask peo­ple if they know the defi­ni­tions of obs­cure words.

@fac­tive — Another go to guy for social media and just all around mar­ke­ting. Lives in my home town (San Diego)

@sspen­cer — Infa­mous for con­fu­sing con­fe­rence atten­dees with high level tech­ni­cal pre­sen­ta­tions, defi­na­tely knows what he’s tal­king about.. Or at least sound like it..

@bcer­wickd — Per­so­nal friend and coworker

@timhal­berg — Per­so­nal friend and kick ass wed­ding pho­to­grapher, seriously, if you need wed­ding pho­tos hit him up!

@suga­rrae — Much res­pect to Rae for know­ledge on SEO and Affi­liate Mar­ke­ting.. But I’m not afraid of her like ever­yone else on twit­ter, she’s a shrimp.

@aus­sie­web­mas­ter — Frank knows his stuff, fun to lis­ten to cause of the accent and I always enjoy a blunt view.

@mar­tin­bow­ling — Super funny guy, loves beer (still wai­ting on that story ;)

@brentc­su­to­ras — Yet another go to guy for social media, tons of res­pect to Brent. Always enjoy catching up at mee­tups, and occa­sio­nal IM’s because of the LOADs know­ledge he has.

@redrei­nard — Per­so­nal friend and busi­ness part­ner for years. Genius pro­gram­mer. Don’t talk to him, he’s busy.

@wldaily — What can I say? I love wine, I want all the deals I can get!

@The­MadHat — Can you say Bacon Explo­sion? Had one at IM Spring Break, it was fan­tas­ti­cal, made one this past wee­kend, it was awesome-sauce, can’t wait for the next one.

@Jor­dan­Kas­te­ler — Good guy and party ani­mal! Co-Founder of Search & Social.. It’s a fit­ting name.

@Oatmeal — Have you seen his comics?! Follow him. Find them.

@davesny­der — The other co-founder of search & social, really really nice guy. Super smart busi­ness mind.

@neoblog — Nice guy, did some really cool stu­dies of twit­ter a long time ago.

@monicawright — She’s a MAI­NEiac! Like, from Maine. Super nice, SEO chick.

@MandaOtto — Good con­ver­sa­tion when you engage her, seems to know what shes tal­king about

@lisa­ba­rone — Knee­sockz!!! With a “z”, pretty funny, emo, oh, and she wri­tes stuff.

@problogger — Mad res­pect from Day 1. If you’re rea­ding my blog and you don’t know pro­blog­ger, you’re doing it wrong. (or im doing it right, and its because of problogger)

@aaronwall — runs seo­book, duh.

@webuildpages — Have they twee­ted on this account? Used to be the home of some of my favs..

@neil­pa­tel — Super smart mar­ke­ting tips, pretty goofy though, just take him serious when he’s on the podium.

@barrybowman — I have a per­so­nal friend named barrie bow­man that has red hair, i just thought it was way too much of a coin­ci­dence, i follo­wed cause of that, this barry actually tweets out some cool stuff from time to time

@brentdpayne — does the seo for chi­cago times, always cool to see what he’s wor­king on, plus we’ve had some really inte­res­ting dia­lo­gue over twitter

@leeod­den — ranks #3 for “online mar­ke­ting” — nuff said

@davenaylor — smart guy, good ideas, good accent, gotta mix in some foriegners

@andy­beal — another autho­rity in the space for sure

@vanes­sa­fox — Tons of res­pect, love the colla­bo­ra­tion bet­ween seos and deve­lo­pers that she brings to the table

@jillwhalen — Had some inte­res­ting con­ver­sa­tions for sure with Jill, as I’m sure most have

@davidkeffen — Funny guy, some corny jokes and good conversation

@copy­blog­ger — Mad res­pect for this guy, I make sure to catch everything he puts out. DO IT

@kate­mo­rris — Smart Chick, Super nice, makes friends with everyone :)

@grif­fin­gran­berg — Good guy, super happy all the time, dunno about you, but I need somma that in my work day!

@Miche­lle­Rob­bins — Very witty and knows her geek cul­ture. Also super nice. Helps run SEL and SMX

@rustybrick — Always has some good con­tent to contribute

@Rhea — One of my favo­rite new “inter­net friends”, knows a cra­pload about SEO, puts up with suga­rrae, and she and her hus­band are basi­cally the gen­der inverse of me and my wife.

@calebkimbrough — Awe­some tex­ture desig­ner, if you’re loo­king for tex­tu­res, follow him.

@Pamela_Lund — Another one of those nice girls that knows about inter­net mar­ke­ting, sorry guys, shes taken.

@GabGoldenberg — A super nice guy this time! Lots to con­tri­bute about SEO

@pur­po­seinc — Hosts think tank and the infa­mous poker tour­ney at pub­con every year, good guy.

@audette — Good con­ver­sa­tion, knows SEO, likes good beer

@Bar­ba­ra­Bo­ser — The attrac­tive side of greg­bo­ser, rocks­tar for social media promotion!

@VirginiaNussey More good convo, when you engage.

@Jac­kLe­blond — Really good guy, totally out­going on twit­ter, totally not in person ;)

@brianchap­pell — Hits it hard with social media, also same as above!

@dharmesh — built twitter.grader.com (remem­ber when that was popu­lar) had some good convo with him, also runs onstartups.com — info about star­tups, good stuff

@dreaminaction — good convo, blog­ger doing her thing!

@shellyfagin — Good convo yet again! She does SEO too

@pratt — Good guy, knows his stuff, fun to hang out with

@sally­man­der — she was ori­gi­nally my 100th follo­wer, then I got unfo­llo­wed so she was #99, shes also really funny :)

@chi­ro­prac­tic — Chi­ro­prac­tor + Mar­ke­ter = huh? I dunno but he rocks it! Way cool, rocks it on the local, and gave me some free adjustments!

@kristy — After sally­man­der, kristy became the 100th follo­wer that stuck! She tur­ned out to be a good one too! Also funny and witty, and nice!

@Dan­te­Mon­te­verde — A little of this, a little of that, knows what he’s doin, but its hard to find him!

jim­boy­kin — been around for a long time, not super active on twit­ter though..

@joan­na­lord — kinda like my little sis­ter, cause shes so small. Super funny and really easy to tease!

@dan­za­rre­lla — Social media rocks­tar, he’s with hubs­pot currently. Seriously knows his stuff.

@pageoneresults — Gets mad if you follow him for no rea­son, funny to talk to. Good for listening.

@cshel — Another serious female tech­ni­cal mind, also really funny.

@jaw­nuthin — per­so­nal friend, HILARIOUS, one of the fun­niest peo­ple I know, Also — the next Jeff Buc­kely, I wish he twee­ted more

@cbui81 — per­so­nal friend, fellow food lover, runs a bas­ket­ball blog

@anderhy­der — MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE!!!!!!!!!

@juliemackenzie — really inte­res­ting con­ver­sa­tion in times past

@stephenfry — one of the top twit­te­rers, pretty interesting..

@streko — super smart, knows what hes put­tin down, makes fun of other friends, fun to watch

@gray­wolf — tons of res­pect, rea­ding since Day 1, great Goo­gle rants about once a week

@ChristinaGayle — Copyw­ri­ter, con­ver­sa­tio­na­list, interesting

@weird­news — run by brentc­su­to­ras, crazy sto­ries from this account, fun stuff

@joshuaseo — Pretty inte­res­ting dude, fun conversations

@cjweb — puts out good con­tent and resour­ces espe­cially for desingers

@ton­ya­dam — yahoo who? metro friend #2, and super talen­ted mar­ke­ter, plus super funny and fellow mos def lover + scotch drin­ker /mancrush

@visual­fu­ture — sally­man­ders hus­band, funny guy, good conversation

@melanienathan — link buil­der, another hila­rious chick, super fun conversations

@sara­sow­rong — per­so­nal friend, talen­ted writer/editor, musician

@Mark_S — My Cou­sin, He’s a riot, lite­rally, he’ll cause a riot in your house.

@WarrenWhit­lock — Met him at pub­con last year, follo­wed cause of inte­rac­tive twit­ter pre­sen­ta­tion, pretty interesting

@heather­lloyd:) Client tur­ned friend? Shes awe­some, Rocks­tar copyw­ri­ter, super hila­rious, speaks her mind always!

@shimonsandler — good con­tent, inte­res­ting stuff

@mat­terhorn­pat — we were on a panel together, good guy, good convo

@shashib — brings power strips to con­fe­ren­ces to share! sweet.

@skitzzo — good guy, lots of opi­nions, I enjoy the bold stan­ces, even though I don’t always agree.. Fellow poker player

@scott­polk — knows his stuff, always good for a laugh

@btabke — runs pubcon

@raven­jon — puts out some of the best seo tools on the market

@ali­sond — really good convo and puts out good con­tent and studies

@chris_hart — funny guy, knows his stuff, tall

@remarkablogger — autho­rity in the space, really good con­tent and voice

@the­search­guru — super nice, copyw­ri­ting chick

@alan­dow­ling — per­so­nal friend, super talen­ted illustrator/film maker

@MrsOilman — wife to the infa­mous Oil­man, it is rumo­red that she may/may not really exist, fun to watch her tweets when Oil­man gets in trouble

@greg­finn — Awe­some guy, works with Chris­Win­field, wri­tes some really good stuff (OGC)

@yummyman — seems to know his stuff, had some good con­ver­sa­tions back in the days..

@Ani­malRza — Per­so­nal Friend, go go dan­cer, lives in San Fran­sisco now

@loren­ba­ker — good guy, has a funny hat on in his ava­tar, throws kick ass con­fe­ren­ces with davesny­der and jordankasteler

@netmeg — super funny, great conversation

@patrickwinfield — good desig­ner, works with the OGC crew at 10e20

@outs­po­ken­me­dia — follow just to make sure I catch all the posts that come out 96 times a day

@chris­ben­nett — Good guy, good con­tent, good con­ver­sa­tion, fellow Audi R8 lover

@MarkK­now­les — crea­ted pixel­silk, the best cms Ive seen yet.. Also a really nice guy

@Nathan­Johns — Super nice, super help­ful googler

@hsat­terwhite — hahahahahahahahaha

@imjustcreative — good design resources

@henshaw — per­so­nal account for raven­jon, good guy, funny guy

@air­disa — we have ties that go waaay back

@CJohanS­mith — Per­so­nal Friend, Engi­neer, Just got fun­ding to dev a pro­duct that you’ll pro­bably buy soon

@chase_reeves — Per­so­nal Friend, Hila­rious man, smart sob. Kee­ping him to myself

@godhammer — some of the fun­niest con­ver­sa­tions Ive had

@zaibatsu — One of our last hopes for a non cele­brity “power user” — also super help­ful and generous

@Sze­tela — PPC ROCKSTAR! + Sto­ries for days!

@todd­ma­li­coat — stuntdubl’s attempt at a segre­ga­ted per­so­nal account… I don’t think it worked.

@camsna — Per­so­nal Friend, Since high school, we lived together, tra­ve­lled across the country together, clim­bed a moun­tain together, he’s the next Eric Clapton.

@pear­so­ni­fied — Crea­tor of the The­sis Theme. Sick­ness.

@diythemes — Account for the The­sis theme

@khy­der — No, its not me, It’s my cou­sin Kelly! She plays volley­ball for one of the best college teams in the nation.

@kid_disco — Don’t email him, he’ll add your email to a spam list. Smart guy, tall guy.

@tims­tai­nes — Another nice guy, good conversation

@joehall — smart dude, good con­tent and good tools

@che­lle­face — Per­so­nal Friend, lives in Texas now.

@Ash­ley­Do­rris — Per­so­nal Friend, Wed­ding Pho­to­grapher, Another funny one

@Bras­coAtWMR — my upda­tes for con­tent from webmasterradio.fm, good guy

@seosmarty — Good con­tent, rare but good

@Matt_Siltala — Good con­ver­sa­tions and engagement

@fair­min­der — Nice guy, inte­res­ting to talk to

@zer­be­tron — eye makeup Rocks­tar! also roller derby champ! Good con­ver­sa­tion! Nice chick

@loriorr — MY MOM! Yeah, you all are frea­king out about your parents on face­book, mine have been there for days, now they’re infil­tra­ting twitter!

@daver — Really smart dude, funny, good con­ver­sa­tion and jokes

@paul­ga­llaher — Per­so­nal Friend, Known since Middle School! He’s a jour­na­list, a real one, like for news­pa­pers! *ducks from lisa*

@bla­france — really inte­res­ting tweets, pretty funny

@garret­cur­tis — Per­so­nal Friend, Actual Ninja, Kic­kass film maker

@james­prola — Per­so­nal Friend, Another kic­kass film maker

@tho­mas­kranzle — Per­so­nal Friend, Seriously one of the best pho­to­graphers, video­graphers Ive seen, hit him up if you have a client that needs pro­duct work or work in the field

@lau­ra­lip­pay — yahoo what? Awe­some chick, super smart

@susa­nes­parza — badass wri­ter chick thats published!

@Kory­Maine — Another Cou­sin! Heard of the band Tool? <- bet­ter than their drummer

@cesar­serna — kick ass tools and stuff, really nice guy, fun to hang

@rebec­ca­ke­lley — pretty funny follow, we had fun making fun of pane­lists from the audience one time


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