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by Kenny Hyder

I just now noti­ced that redi­rects to…

I per­so­nally always liked the .us url, I thought it was cle­ver and uni­que. But, I can defi­ni­tely see how it may con­fuse some users, and I know that I always had to spell it out for friends that weren’t fami­liar with the site. Yet, used to redi­rect to, so the usa­bi­lity issue for type in traf­fic shouldn’t have been a big pro­blem. Which would leave me at a bran­ding debate, and I think this one is simply a mat­ter of opi­nion. .com’s are obviously much more recog­ni­za­ble buy a much broa­der audience, but on the same note, delicious’s user­base tends to be pretty web savvy.

Sooo… wtf mate? Why did deli­cious make the switch to .com?


UPDATE: Appa­rently deli­cious made this change back in July with the 2.0 ver­sion, I just didn’t notice till now because my brow­ser is still cached with! My ques­tion still stands though: wtf?


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