Good Customer Service On Yelp

YelpIn today’s market economy, no business owner can afford to lose a customer. Customer retention should be the first priority of any business. And with the expanding number of ways that businesses are able to get in contact with their customers, customer service should be off the charts.

Like millions of others, I’m on Yelp. A couple weeks ago I was writing a few reviews on some places here in Santa Barbara when I gave a 3 star review to a seafood restaurant called Brophy Bros. Brophy’s has a great reputation and is regarded by locals as one of the best seafood spots in town. I wouldn’t consider a 3 star review to be a bad review, but it’s not particularly great either. In my review I said “To be honest, I think I ordered the wrong thing when I went here.” I was contacted the next day by the owner of the restaurant asking what was wrong with my experience and how he could improve. After a couple messages back and forth about my thoughts, the owner personally invited me back hoping that I would have a better experience the second time.

Harbor at Brophy's

What’s remarkable about this to me is, Brophy Bros doesn’t really need my business. They have a wait every night of the week and no shortage of regulars that bring them plenty of business. But good customer service always puts the customer first, regardless of whether it needs to or not. This is how good businesses succeed and bad ones fail.

Paying attention to everyone is what makes the difference. I get good service at the places that I’m a regular at, it only makes sense. But to get the same treatment as a first time visitor builds loyalty. And with all of the extra channels we have available to us today to be monitoring what our customers/users/prospects are saying, there is no reason not to be providing great service.

Thresher Shark

My second visit to Brophy’s I had the Thresher shark. It was fantastic, and I will definitely be going back. Question is, why aren’t more businesses catching on to this whole customer service thing?