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by Kenny Hyder

YelpIn today’s mar­ket eco­nomy, no busi­ness owner can afford to lose a cus­to­mer. Cus­to­mer reten­tion should be the first prio­rity of any busi­ness. And with the expan­ding num­ber of ways that busi­nes­ses are able to get in con­tact with their cus­to­mers, cus­to­mer ser­vice should be off the charts.

Like millions of others, I’m on Yelp. A cou­ple weeks ago I was wri­ting a few reviews on some pla­ces here in Santa Bar­bara when I gave a 3 star review to a sea­food res­tau­rant called Brophy Bros. Brophy’s has a great repu­ta­tion and is regar­ded by locals as one of the best sea­food spots in town. I wouldn’t con­si­der a 3 star review to be a bad review, but it’s not par­ti­cu­larly great either. In my review I said “To be honest, I think I orde­red the wrong thing when I went here.” I was con­tac­ted the next day by the owner of the res­tau­rant asking what was wrong with my expe­rience and how he could improve. After a cou­ple mes­sa­ges back and forth about my thoughts, the owner per­so­nally invi­ted me back hoping that I would have a bet­ter expe­rience the second time.

Harbor at Brophy's

What’s remar­ka­ble about this to me is, Brophy Bros doesn’t really need my busi­ness. They have a wait every night of the week and no shor­tage of regu­lars that bring them plenty of busi­ness. But good cus­to­mer ser­vice always puts the cus­to­mer first, regard­less of whether it needs to or not. This is how good busi­nes­ses suc­ceed and bad ones fail.

Paying atten­tion to ever­yone is what makes the dif­fe­rence. I get good ser­vice at the pla­ces that I’m a regu­lar at, it only makes sense. But to get the same treat­ment as a first time visi­tor builds loyalty. And with all of the extra chan­nels we have avai­la­ble to us today to be moni­to­ring what our customers/users/prospects are saying, there is no rea­son not to be pro­vi­ding great service.

Thresher Shark

My second visit to Brophy’s I had the Thresher shark. It was fan­tas­tic, and I will defi­ni­tely be going back. Ques­tion is, why aren’t more busi­nes­ses catching on to this whole cus­to­mer ser­vice thing?

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