How to Get More (spam) Followers on Twitter

There’s lots of great material out there on how to build up your twitter account(s) and get followers by doing all kinds of cool things that result in quality followers that will sustain. This post is not about that.

If you just want to get followers because you like to see your follower count go up (who doesn’t?) – it’s really simple. Just start posting keywords to your account that other people are likely to track and autofollow.

Yesterday evening I posted:

Spam Followers

And got 15 followers as a result, all related to one or more of the keywords listed in this tweet. 😉

If you like this, leave a comment with some keywords you have noticed you have gotten autofollowed from!

6 Replies to “How to Get More (spam) Followers on Twitter”

  1. and we were singing…

    bye, bye those good internet times.
    Threw my penny in with Kenny and my followers thrived
    while good ol’ content sat in corners and cried, singing
    “this will be the day that i die.”


  2. Truly ground breaking. My bottom line went up by 300% because of this.

    work from home
    pickled eggs
    donkey punch

  3. I’m also finding auto posting bots that are scraping posts from my site and sending as tweets, especially when the title includes the term “marketing.”

    Some use frames, some link straight to my site, some strip content and just show title and snippet on scraper blog.

    Too bad there’s no organized effort to identify and kill these accounts. It’s wild west internet all over again.

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