How to Get More (spam) Followers on Twitter

Social Media

by Kenny Hyder

There’s lots of great mate­rial out there on how to build up your twit­ter account(s) and get follo­wers by doing all kinds of cool things that result in qua­lity follo­wers that will sus­tain. This post is not about that.

If you just want to get follo­wers because you like to see your follo­wer count go up (who doesn’t?) — it’s really sim­ple. Just start pos­ting key­words to your account that other peo­ple are likely to track and autofollow.

Yes­ter­day eve­ning I posted:

Spam Followers

And got 15 follo­wers as a result, all rela­ted to one or more of the key­words lis­ted in this tweet. ;)

If you like this, leave a com­ment with some key­words you have noti­ced you have got­ten auto­fo­llo­wed from!


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