Social Media Hype

Social Media

by Kenny Hyder

So, for some time now I have had this sort of (and I know it’s cliché) love-hate rela­tionship with aspects of the whole ‘social media’ world. On one hand, I abso­lu­tely love what sites like have done for me. A way to track what I like in an orderly, acces­si­ble man­ner, that is user friendly and sen­si­ble. On the other hand, I roll my eyes when I hear someone say “Did you see that site up on Digg?”. Up until now, my opi­nion of Digg has been that it is simply a Mys­pace for web geeks. It’s not that I haven’t used Digg, or Mys­pace for that mat­ter, but when I do use them I keep it to myself. The same way I use to track sites for ME, not for ever­yone else to see. So now we come to this week. On Mon­day, my buddy and part­ner Jus­tin Wal­ton, wrote an article that recei­ved quite a lot of atten­tion on Digg. Being as we talk via im cons­tantly throughout the day, he infor­med me when it had recei­ved a few hun­dred diggs. We con­ti­nued to watch the num­bers climb through the mor­ning until it hit about 1400 diggs, when our ser­ver crashed. After scram­bling a bit to get it back up and run­ning, we watched the article climb to be the #4 most popu­lar article of the day across the board. It is currently at 2871 diggs! Since mon­day, we have been seeing the results of this article’s popu­la­rity. We had something like 54,000 uni­que hits on our ser­ver, 550 peo­ple subsc­ri­bed via RSS to Justin’s blog, he gai­ned over a hun­dred new links to his site, and will be appea­ring soon on Jason Calacanis’s pod­cast. Now, Jus­tin and I are both bene­fit­ting greatly from this. As we are star­ting a busi­ness together, all of the hype and new traf­fic to our sites will pay out long term no doubt. And as search mar­ke­ters, Jus­tin and I are also very happy to have the inc­rease in link traf­fic and publi­city. So, as it turns out, my opi­nion of sites like Digg, is not so bad any­more. I can see the bene­fit that is offe­red to web deve­lo­pers and blog­gers alike. Whether you are tying to make a point, or sell a pro­duct, this whole envi­ron­ment of social media turns out to bene­fit us all! –kenny

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