Social Organism

Social Media

by Kenny Hyder

So, this past week I have been trying to help my cou­sin make the move from San Diego (where I’m from) to Santa Bar­bara (where I live). I haven’t been on the job hunt for some time now, but I was remin­ded of the agony/intrigue of it this week as my cou­sin is on the hunt. The inte­res­ting thing to me is that, no mat­ter where you are, or what your skill set is, there always seems to be a con­ver­sa­tion with someone you know that starts off: “I know this guy…” Now, some­ti­mes it’s just the neces­sary smoke that gets blown, but occa­sio­nally its that spark that igni­tes a beau­ti­ful oppor­tu­nity. It was this thought that led me to con­si­der the pos­si­bi­lity, that no mat­ter where you are, or what your cir­cums­tance is, we are all part of an orga­nic, social cul­ture. Whether it’s someone you know that hooks you up with a job, or 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon, we are all net­wor­ked by nature. It is this aspect of our being that make cer­tain aspects of being a web deve­lo­per inc­re­dibly inte­res­ting. These past few weeks, Jus­tin and I have had pretty exten­sive con­ver­sa­tion regar­ding the whole aspect of ‘social media’. A site like Digg incor­po­ra­tes most all of the aspects of just being in rela­tionship with peo­ple. Some things that come up are valua­ble and inte­res­ting. Some things are peo­ple who don’t know what they’re tal­king about, but get a lot of atten­tion. And some things are peo­ple trying to exist in a place that they have no busi­ness being. The pro­blem is, the lat­ter two seem to be much more com­mon than the for­mer. As I expres­sed pre­viously, it is this rea­son that has tur­ned me off to the social media world. But I am begin­ning to see the value of sif­ting through all of the bs to get to the meat that is worth chewing.

I think we are all at a point where we are war­med up to the idea and con­cept behind social media, so let’s move for­ward now! I think it’s time to stop theo­ri­zing about it and start prac­ti­cing. “Prac­tice and preach, don’t Theo­rize and Teach” –Anony­mous. We know what we like, and what we don’t. We all have ideas that would improve the current realm of social media, sooo… GO! If it’s truly social media that we’re tal­king about, there should be nothing pre­ven­ting us from chan­ging the way that this beast grows and flou­rishes. WE are the body, we belong to it, and we make up the very cells that cause it to exist. It is time to take ownership and make something won­der­ful. –kenny

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