Twitter Grader Part 4

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by Kenny Hyder

It has been awhile since I have cove­red the chan­ges at, and I know there was quite a bit of acti­vity while I was aloof.

Shortly after my last post, I was con­tac­ted by seve­ral friends on twit­ter that their gra­des had shot up sig­ni­fi­cantly (mine at one point was up to a 95.8 from a 90) and then shortly after, a quick dec­line. I spe­cu­la­ted that this was all due to more algo upda­tes, which was later con­fir­med by Dhar­mesh, the man behind the mad­ness at Twit­ter Gra­der. So I deci­ded to let things settle a bit before chec­king out the next round of updates.

Here are the charts:

Recip Grader Followers








Recip Grader Followers







So, pretty much across the board, sco­res have risen con­sis­tently with inc­rea­ses in follo­wer counts, and ratios of follo­wers to follo­wing. So if there has been all the cons­tant upda­ting but no chan­ges, what gives? I think its all about the ove­rall rank. This is something that up until this point, I haven’t tal­ked about, but I have noti­ced that these sco­red seem to have leve­led out quite a bit.

It used to be that there were mul­ti­ple ties for posi­tions (5 peo­ple could be #1) and the sco­ring didn’t make a whole lot of sense in this arena. But if you take a look at the twit­ter elite page, we see that there is now a neatly groo­med list of the top 100 twit­ter users. (Quick shout out to recip follo­wers @garyvee and @problogger who are on the list!)
The ove­rall ran­kings also clearly dis­tin­guish the twit­ter users on my list as well. The duel bet­ween mar­tin­bow­ling and oil­man is a mere .2 in twit­ter grade due to martinbowling’s close count of follo­wers, but he is far outsha­do­wed in ove­rall rank with oilman’s ove­rall rank of 615 to his 1,334. There are even sig­ni­fi­cant gaps bet­ween users with iden­ti­cal gra­des, as in the case of chris­win­field vs. davesny­der — 449 to 777 (go buy a lotto tic­ket dave). 

This ove­rall rank is a good abso­lute sys­tem, in terms of an arbi­trary twit­ter rank, although it still lacks in the depart­ment in that it only accounts for pro­fi­les that have been sub­mit­ted to Twit­ter Gra­der. Which is why I think users are still going to Twit­ter “Grade” more. It is more self suf­fi­cient. But, I would still like to see some impro­ve­ments made on this sys­tem. Pos­si­ble things to con­si­der? Ret­weets & men­tions @ And for the ove­rall rank, can you start craw­ling twit­ter? ;)

Peo­ple men­tio­ned in this post:

  • Mar­tin Bow­ling aka @martinbowling
  • Todd Frie­sen aka @oilman
  • Dave Sny­der aka @davesnyder
  • Kate Morris aka @katemorris
  • David Brown aka @NeOBlog
  • Chris Win­field aka @chriswinfield
  • Frank Watson aka @AussieWebmaster
  • Robert Pal­mer aka @robertpalmer
  • Kenny Hyder aka @kennyhyder
  • Aus­tin Cur­tis aka @austincurtis
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