VSEO – YouTube Optimization Tips

YouTube is not a simple video hosting site anymore. YouTube has more than 100,000 viewers and 2.5 billion searches, and that is a whopping 25% of the total search traffic on the internet! (Source: comScore Media Metrix) What this means for your business is that YouTube is a virtual gold mine waiting to be exploited by anyone who wants to build, monitor, and enhance the brand image through reputation management. Experts say that YouTube has to be treated as a separate search engine now, and that means using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or more precisely Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) to garner more viewership for your videos, which in turn will bring in more revenues for your business. Using videos effectively to convey information that lasts in the memories of the viewers longer is a SEO strategy that has been harped on from time to time by leading SEO players in the industry as well as most experts in seminars, webinars, and conferences on the changing faces of SEO. VSEO is the faster and more effective way to help your business gain more visibility on the internet, and what better place to use videos to promote your business than on YouTube.

Like good SEO strategies, VSEO strategies have to be deployed using certain parameters to gain maximum results. You cannot have your video clips placed on YouTube to develop your business or to manage reputation without knowing the best ways to make your videos work for you. Your VSEO for YouTube should also include basics of good SEO, and that is to create quality content in this case, it’s the videos to make your viewer or searcher get the relevant info he or she is seeking, and make them want to visit your site to seek further info, or to see what you offer. There are a few simple tips that will help you use YouTube to your maximum advantage.

  • Create quality video content. Use good equipment to create videos of good visual and audio quality. Bad quality will turn off viewers, and thereby, your potential customers.
  • Make sure that you make videos that have information that is useful. Do not host irrelevant videos to waste your time as well as that of your prospects.
  • Use the search algorithms of YouTube to your advantage. Manipulate parameters such as title, description, tags, number of views, and ratings to derive maximum traffic.
  • Include the URL of your site in the watermark and metadata of the video. Don’t forget to include logos or anything that you feel will boost your company’s image. Building brand consciousness is easier this way.
  • Make your videos catchy and short. Most viewers don’t care to sit through long, uninteresting videos. Retain their attention by sending the message across in a way that will make them sit through the video without flinching.
  • Place the video including the site map on your own site, as well. This will help searchers and search engine spiders find the content easily.
  • Using Hi-Def videos are great for picture quality. But, for better streaming purposes, it is better to stick with YouTube’s size of 320*240 (QVGA), and maintain an aspect ratio of 4:3. It’s no crime to use Hi-Def resolutions of 1280*720 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9, but lower resolution pictures can load faster, and we want customers with all types of internet connections both fast and slowóto view our videos, don’t we?
  • Practice makes perfect. Allow feedbacks and ratings from viewers, as this will allow you to learn from mistakes, and help you make better video content in the future.
  • If you think all this is way over your head, and you think you donít have the time to do all this; hire a good SEO company to help your VSEO on YouTube.

Repair or enhance reputations, build brand image, and lure more traffic to your website making effective use of VSEO on YouTube. Don’t forget the fact that the higher your videos are placed in the rankings of YouTube, the higher they’ll be in search rankings of the formidable Google. So, good VSEO on YouTube is a win-win situation for you!