VSEO — YouTube Optimization Tips

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by Kenny Hyder

You­Tube is not a sim­ple video hos­ting site any­more. You­Tube has more than 100,000 vie­wers and 2.5 billion searches, and that is a whop­ping 25% of the total search traf­fic on the inter­net! (Source: comS­core Media Metrix) What this means for your busi­ness is that You­Tube is a vir­tual gold mine wai­ting to be exploi­ted by anyone who wants to build, moni­tor, and enhance the brand image through repu­ta­tion mana­ge­ment. Experts say that You­Tube has to be trea­ted as a sepa­rate search engine now, and that means using Search Engine Opti­mi­za­tion (SEO), or more pre­ci­sely Video Search Engine Opti­mi­za­tion (VSEO) to gar­ner more vie­wership for your videos, which in turn will bring in more reve­nues for your busi­ness. Using videos effec­ti­vely to con­vey infor­ma­tion that lasts in the memo­ries of the vie­wers lon­ger is a SEO stra­tegy that has been har­ped on from time to time by lea­ding SEO pla­yers in the industry as well as most experts in semi­nars, webi­nars, and con­fe­ren­ces on the chan­ging faces of SEO. VSEO is the fas­ter and more effec­tive way to help your busi­ness gain more visi­bi­lity on the inter­net, and what bet­ter place to use videos to pro­mote your busi­ness than on YouTube.

Like good SEO stra­te­gies, VSEO stra­te­gies have to be deplo­yed using cer­tain para­me­ters to gain maxi­mum results. You can­not have your video clips pla­ced on You­Tube to deve­lop your busi­ness or to manage repu­ta­tion without kno­wing the best ways to make your videos work for you. Your VSEO for You­Tube should also inc­lude basics of good SEO, and that is to create qua­lity con­tent in this case, it’s the videos to make your vie­wer or searcher get the rele­vant info he or she is see­king, and make them want to visit your site to seek further info, or to see what you offer. There are a few sim­ple tips that will help you use You­Tube to your maxi­mum advantage.

  • Create qua­lity video con­tent. Use good equip­ment to create videos of good visual and audio qua­lity. Bad qua­lity will turn off vie­wers, and the­reby, your poten­tial customers.
  • Make sure that you make videos that have infor­ma­tion that is use­ful. Do not host irre­le­vant videos to waste your time as well as that of your prospects.
  • Use the search algo­rithms of You­Tube to your advan­tage. Mani­pu­late para­me­ters such as title, desc­rip­tion, tags, num­ber of views, and ratings to derive maxi­mum traffic.
  • Inc­lude the URL of your site in the water­mark and meta­data of the video. Don’t for­get to inc­lude logos or anything that you feel will boost your company’s image. Buil­ding brand cons­cious­ness is easier this way.
  • Make your videos catchy and short. Most vie­wers don’t care to sit through long, unin­te­res­ting videos. Retain their atten­tion by sen­ding the mes­sage across in a way that will make them sit through the video without flinching.
  • Place the video inc­lu­ding the site map on your own site, as well. This will help searchers and search engine spi­ders find the con­tent easily.
  • Using Hi-Def videos are great for pic­ture qua­lity. But, for bet­ter strea­ming pur­po­ses, it is bet­ter to stick with YouTube’s size of 320×240 (QVGA), and main­tain an aspect ratio of 4:3. It’s no crime to use Hi-Def reso­lu­tions of 1280×720 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9, but lower reso­lu­tion pic­tu­res can load fas­ter, and we want cus­to­mers with all types of inter­net con­nec­tions both fast and slowóto view our videos, don’t we?
  • Prac­tice makes per­fect. Allow feed­backs and ratings from vie­wers, as this will allow you to learn from mis­ta­kes, and help you make bet­ter video con­tent in the future.
  • If you think all this is way over your head, and you think you donít have the time to do all this; hire a good SEO com­pany to help your VSEO on YouTube.

Repair or enhance repu­ta­tions, build brand image, and lure more traf­fic to your web­site making effec­tive use of VSEO on You­Tube. Don’t for­get the fact that the higher your videos are pla­ced in the ran­kings of You­Tube, the higher they’ll be in search ran­kings of the for­mi­da­ble Goo­gle. So, good VSEO on You­Tube is a win-win situa­tion for you!

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