14 Tools of Highly Effective Twitter Users

A collection of the 14 best tools available to help you manage and maximize twitter in alphabetical order!

Follow Cost

Enter a users twitter name:

Follow CostAnd it gives you a rating on how detrimental it will be to follow that user:

Follow CostThe ratings are given in milliscobles, or 1/1000th of Robert Scoble’s twitter output. It also gives an index of what percentage of the user’s tweets are political and what percentage are @replies. More of a fun tool really, but will still give you an accurate idea of how much the user will pollute your feed!



Hashtags are a popular way for twitter users to tweet and keep track of relevant queries in search.twitter.com, #hashtags keeps up with popular hashtag trending topics on twitter.



Ever want to follow someone on twitter, but didn’t want them to know you were following them? Yeah, me niether, but in case you ever did, there’s tweetstalk:

TweetStalkJust download the firefox, install, and stalk away!



Statistics for twitter! TweetStats allows you to see all sorts of statistics from your twitter account like, month to month tweet frequency, daily average tweet density, aggregate hourly tweets, etc.. And, all of this without entering a password to your account, so you can see stats on others as well!



Tweetake is a tool that I think is indispensable for anyone that conducts any sort of business on twitter. It allows you to download and save a copy of your twitter account. Followers, Tweets, DMs, Favorites, you can save them all as a csv download for safekeeping. And if you’re as paranoid as I am about backups, this will be one more thing to add to the list!



TweetSuite is a wordpress plugin that is a continuation of TweetBacks. The new and upgraded version includes automatic tweeting of new posts, most tweeted widget, recently tweeted widget, tweet this button, and several other twitter-tastic features to intergrate into your wordpress blog. It’s the ultimate twitter plugin for wordpress.



Twitter business directory. Find businesses on twitter. Nuff said.


TwiTip: Host Your Own Short URL

TwiTip is a great blog for twitter users, run by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger. In this post Darren writes about how you can host your own short url instead of using a service like tinyurl. I personally perfer to use kl.am but this is not a post on url shortening services!

Host Your Own Short URLhttp://www.twitip.com/how-to-host-your-own-short-urls/


TwitPic is probably a service that you already use, or are at least familiar with. It’s most common use is with cell phones posting pictures to twitter for you. I like it because it also tracks views on each photo, and you can login to TwitPic with your twitter username/pass and see all of the photos you’ve ever posted.



Post to your twitter from your firefox address bar! If firefox was my main browser, I’d totally use it.



Now this is a great idea, especially for twitter addicts that don’t already have an iphone or a crackberry. Twittercal lets you post events to your google calendar by sending direct messages.



Yay for friends on twitter! It’s all about the conversation right? TwitterFriends is a neat tool that allows you to look at the conversations you’re having with all sorts of statistics including: @replies recieved/day, links posted/day, retweet quotient, tweets/day, as well as the normal to and from tweet ratios between you and other twitter users.


Twitter Grader

Twitter Grader is a twitter ranking tool that grades your profile based on a number of factors and gives you a grade on a scale of 1-100, as well as a global rank in proportion to the rest of users. It is a fun tool that allows you to see just how “elite” your twitter profile is. I have done extensive blogging on this tool here: (1,2,3,4)

Twitter Graderhttp://twitter.grader.com/


Now, I have to say, this is just an awesome name. Out of all the twitter mashup names, this is my favorite. Twuffer (hehe) is a twitter-buffer, that allows you to schedule and post-date tweets. Oh the possibilities!


I hope you enjoyed the post and found some new tools you can use! Also be sure to check out twitip.com and don’t forget to follow me on twitter! @kennyhyder 😉

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  1. Looking for how to turrn off an Autoresponse to being followed – problem: Can’t remember which tool / method I used to set it up!

    Can anyone offer ideas? (From most standard/likely to Twitter 3rd party Aps such as TweetDeck, Ping.fm…. I’ve searched all I remember using!!)

  2. Twellow is a great tool for finding people to follow. I find it particularly useful for building a corporate account. Nice post though Kenny, there are several there that I hadn’t checked out yet.

  3. Hi Kenny,

    More here than I expected. I’d seen a list before, but this is nice with the screen shots. It takes a lot of time to construct a post like this, so I’m thanking you. Much appreciated. Do you have some that you just can’t live without?

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  5. продам Форд-Фокус 2008 года за 200 тр. торг возможет. срочно!!!

    ^^ My thoughts exactly! 😉

    P.s. A bear is not a fish.

  6. one i’ve been loving: tweetburner.com… analytics on my TinyURLs… but let’s keep this one a bit secreter, k? It gives me stats on how many clicks.

  7. Thank you Kenny, fot this most useful overview of tools for Twitter users. As a new user to Twitter (but not new to online marketing) I appreciate all kinds of specific help and this list is making my life much easier. For example is TweetSuite one of the tools I have to apply to some of my WordPress blogs related to photography and travel.

    Thanks again


  8. Whoa… this site is pretty awesome 🙂 your layout is really well designed, and your blogs are (judging from what i’ve read) very interesting. heehee… consider yourself favorited. 😛

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